1. Damn I just paid out the nose for Polish Underfolder. I think I’d have rather saved my cash and got this, then slowly upgrades over time

  2. How many freedoms do you want to give up for that security? Like OP said, what change do you think the Dems are not making that would have stopped those attacks? Be specific, not just frustrated - and if you can't come up with one, maybe consider that these are hard problems and stop blaming the people trying to fix them for not being magic.

  3. Where is police reform. Where is improvement of basic needs being met. Why are we not doing more for killers who are already red flagged but get to kill anyways?

  4. What police reform? How will you make basic needs be met better? Who is tracking down red flag concerns and enforcing them, and how do we find every possible person who could be a threat and deal with them without trampling everyone elses basic rights?

  5. Uhhh you’re making it worse man. You’re pretty much saying “it’s too complex for democrats to solve” and yet also saying “vote”

  6. I got this for carrying while wearing professional clothing, and it’s completely taken over as my edc 9/10 times. It’s even smaller than a p365 and you can still get your hand on it properly. The recoil is so minimal as well. I upgraded from a gen 1 lcp and what an improvement it was

  7. I’ve got a cz75b and I’m still considering grabbing one of these

  8. Damn I want one. Three ARs in my house with the parts for a 4th… and I’m still shooting an SKS to enjoy x39

  9. I’ve only got a couple hundred rounds through one, but I cut it down to fit a subcompact slide

  10. I think the feedback posts are frequent enough, and probs valuable enough, that it should be it’s own sub.

  11. Lots and lots and lots and lots of experience with snow and winter weather, here. The temperatures aren't predicted to fall below the high-30s and daytime temps will be well above that. If any snow does fall, it's going to melt like immediately. Don't panic. Proceed as normal. I know people who still think studded tires here are necessary will unnecessarily panic but please don't be one of them.

  12. Wtf why is there a dusting snow on my car rn in April. Im not even that high of elevation

  13. Admittedly the condition of the rifle was ultimately what caused me to pull the trigger on buying it, never had handled such well preserved surplus in my life up until that point.

  14. For those seeing the “it’s not wood” comments - this is partially true. It’d a wood impregnated material. I have a few pieces which I modified, and if you drill into it you will get saw dust coming out of it along with bits of whatever polymer it’s married to. At first I was slightly disappointed but after a couple of years use it’s proven to be stronger, more durable(against gashes and dents or whatever), and lighter than regular wood. It’d be up to you to decide what you want

  15. Thanks so much! I completely forgot about ammoseek! And I agree with it not being replaced with 6.5 Grendel but what are your thoughts on it possibly being replaced by the 6.8 prc or the .277 sig if it hits the market soon?

  16. 270 has been around for a pretty long time. There are a lot of models of firearms chambered in it, with a big variety of ammunition available for it. It’s a very hunting oriented round though. There is no long range match type ammo for it, and no semi-auto setups. If you walk around hunting oriented groups it’s pretty common, but when you walk around more tactically focused groups it’s nonexistent. If you’re interested in hunting that’s not a problem, you wouldn’t find a 30-30 in that group and that’s not going anywhere either ha ha

  17. It’s a pretty popular hunting round (I use it) and looking on ammoseek it’s pretty easy to get. Definitely not going away time soon - and definitely not being replaced by 6.5 grendel of all things

  18. Please send me a picture of that blanket so I can make a high res vector out of it!

  19. Kyosai War of the Frogs blanket

  20. Lol, this sub is hilarious. You spent years and years prepping, thousands of dollars, and ungodly amounts of time / energy to prepare for the worst. Here we are with millions dead across the globe which can pretty much cause long term health problems or even death at random… and it’s being downplayed as no big deal.

  21. This sub is a joke. Every 5th post is on this same subject over and over and over

  22. I have no evidence to support this but I’ve noticed a lot more left leaning gun stuff lately. I wonder if some of the troll farms aren’t active on Reddit right now…

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