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  1. What the hell happened to his teeth, they look brown and rotted

  2. Funny thing is I smoke and eat a lot of sugar and my teeth are near perfect. Really it’s just not brushing them, that’s the only way they can get that fucked up

  3. Yeah idk what is going on there but every pic I’ve seen of him lately gives me meth mouth vibes

  4. “Train her” lmao what in the name of Oedipus is this shit. Why would you want the woman you’re dating to act like your mother

  5. Nah it’s the final resort, pretty much the nuclear launch codes just in case

  6. Weird that she cares so much about having a fancy ring but not about her actual appearance on her wedding day

  7. To be fair there are lots of girls on bumble who act like you’re already in a relationship after a few days of talking. Whilst it’s possible the guy just wants to fuck around I think a lot of guys who are like this just don’t want to give a false idea of their intentions or have a girl get more invested than they are until they know what’s up. It’s easier for girls to know if they want to be with someone than it is for a guy because girls generally understand themselves/what they want better than men

  8. I don’t particularly like Linzy but her friendship with Blaine seems wholesome and I enjoy this

  9. Bless him. He has no clue. He is one of those guys that you are barely nice to and all of a sudden they’re following you around making awkward jokes and trying to flirt.

  10. he's not as sweet as he seems. been divorced like 4 times already, and clearly likes to go for vulnerable women. he is also very overly touchy. dude is a red flag but its obscured by all this corny shit he does to get there

  11. 100%. its like this little cute act to disguise the fact he's a dirt bag. its weird to me that people have any sympathy for him

  12. I honestly put part blame on her parents cause it seems to be she’s been enabled her whole life. It must be nice to be so irresponsible and mommy and daddy bail you out EVERY time

  13. and yet they managed to have a kind, normal, fully adjusted OTHER sibling. they really just fucked up with her. i think she is inherently shitty from birth and they just took the path of least resistance from day 1 because they didnt know what to do with her otherwise

  14. while i have to concede that he's stupid enough to have impregnated her again after seeing what a mean cunt she is, it does seem from his conversation with Temperature that they think that this is just what american women are like. he's confusing cruel and abusive behaviour with a quirky cultural personality trait. i feel sorry for him

  15. But he’s wearing a suit in his profile picture? You lost a good one here /s

  16. “So I have good news and bad news. Good news is your family didn’t really die in a plane crash. Bad news is that is you lost points with your reaction to the news. You got really upset about them dying, like somehow I’m not family enough for you. I’m going to be your husband. I should be all you need”

  17. You lost points lmaoooooo mf got a scoreboard for relationships

  18. She’s just a girl playing a girl disguised as another girl.

  19. lmao if someone accused of blackfishing said they were just method acting i would have to respect it

  20. I almost hope she gets on LAL so we have more of her to laugh at

  21. That’s what he says when he takes off his super tight pants

  22. Just to reiterate, you are painfully average and I love you for it

  23. What kind of a loser feels their entire life getting “rattled” when someone asks them to commit to a time and location lmaoooo

  24. Did you really expect wit and charm from a dude called Claw

  25. You’re a better man than me, I’d already be in debt a message later

  26. Do that to the one that you'll spend your life with; Invest in yourself not someone who only sees you with money.

  27. I was joking around, I just meant that I have a lot of respect for you being able to reject somebody throwing it out there like that. I appreciate you though, that’s really sound advice

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