1. I have nfs most wanted Midnight club 3 DUB edition as my fav delisted games on the ps store

  2. I’m having trouble with PS3 store. When I buy and purchase something (which is I’m The Last of us on store) it tells me “You can only make purchases using wallet funds. You can add wallet funds by redeeming a PlayStation Store voucher code on this device or visiting”

  3. You have to add funds to your psn wallet on a ps4 or ps5 to buy games now. you can't use your credit/debit card to buy games on PS3 now

  4. Yeah Sony disabled the use of a debit/credit card payments last year for the PS3 store. They didn't give an explanation but my guess is that they're trying to wind down on features on the PS3 store to lower costs to still run the PS3 store

  5. Been getting the same 800 code error on every game on my download list. Same problem at the vita store too with error code(NP-9948-0). It most likely is a problem on Sony's ps3 and vita store servers.

  6. Always love 12-14 drops they always easy to cop.

  7. Thinking of doing this with other iconic NFS characters. Which ones should I do?

  8. Yo those union 2's are going for under retail on resell. How's the quality and do you think they are worth it? Been eyeing them for awhile.

  9. Yeah most em are gone now. I was lucky to get the second to last size 10 pair

  10. imo jordan 2's are the most comfortable for me as they fit my wide feet perfectly.

  11. Mine is saying it's currently out of stock lmao

  12. Maybe the judgement and lost judgement. It's basically a yakuza game except you're a detective solving cases made by the same devs that made yakuza

  13. Did you receive your item yet? I ordered a pair of sneakers 24 days ago and it still hasn't arrived to the stockx verfication center. How did it end up for you?

  14. Any update to your order yet? I'm having a similar problem as you.

  15. Is this just an online thing or do you think some of em will also appear in some retail locations?

  16. What does this mean for future gta online updates?

  17. Was on livestock and they sold out instantly. Hopefully I can hit on footlocker or champs since they got delayed

  18. Outer worlds. I was looking for that New Vegas feel but I ended up getting an average rpg

  19. Peacewalker, 3rd birthday, crisis core, ridge racer and birth by sleep

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