1. I know it's a bit generic but man i love Greninja.

  2. I know we've not seen much of them yet, but I'm really liking Sprigatito. The grass cat is just cute.

  3. Spirigatito is my favorite of the 3

  4. Mine are Zoroark and Noivern. Nice work!

  5. That drawing is so pretty!! I love it hehe. And yeah! I have a protogen and a wolf

  6. Exeggutor, he could soak up the sun and I could snooze in the shade

  7. I'm with promotional prices, if you have interest send me a private message ^-^

  8. Awesome art, honestly if I had to choose one, it'd be my ace Delphox, we travel the regions in cloaks while trying to gain knowledge on many things, being strong in Psychic, combat, battleling, and helping anyone in need. In free time, probably be on my ocarina while we make music in the forest, cook amazing food, and just enjoy life in general.

  9. Tepig, it can make the flames for me to cook with..... especially bacon

  10. heueheuheuheeheue that would be a cool yet crazy drawing heueheuheuhe

  11. Feels like that girl is sceaming something with the hose

  12. sassy face hahahaaha, poor odish hahahah XD

  13. I have opened comissions, would you like me to design for you? :D

  14. Could you do mega lucario vs mewtwo?

  15. I have opened comissions. Would you like me to design another trainer and pokemon moment for you?

  16. Would you like me to design another trainer and pokemon moment for you?

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