1. Are there any urgent things to upgrade right away? Or will stock work ok?

  2. Only the spring which is like 10$ and less than 5min, runs great stock

  3. depends on field limits, any spring for a Typ96/aps02/vsr10 will work

  4. There are 2 holes, one in the front section and one in the rear ection, you can shove something like allen wrenches and twist them apart

  5. The Double Bell seems to be fairly good for the price

  6. Ive broke one or two rods in my 20 years of fishing. With that being said, throw them out

  7. Eh. 8 million people, several stories about criminals getting shot using airsoft guns as real weapons. Also this is only the city. Outside there’s no restrictions

  8. I mean, I'd rather criminals have toy guns rather than real ones, that argument never made any sense to me, specially considering when the street cost of a saturday night special is less than any realistic airsoft gun that any person in the sport would buy

  9. Awesome! A few guys i know run it and it is the best aftermarket TDC I know

  10. My only concern is that when I turned the wheel I didn't really 'see' the HopUp adjust but it might just be me

  11. They did a limited run, don't think you can still get it

  12. I know, normally I would but I live in Turkey. Prices and customs are problematic. If I can solve it by manufacturing a part, that would be better.

  13. Thanks. I think I'll be going with a hybrid between the Gordon und Blood diamond. Already found most of the equivalent components, only thing missing is the slim carbine handguards I can't find on Amazon or airsoft stores.

  14. The correct slim carbine handguard is a cut down M16A2 handguard, so that might be easier to get!

  15. Add garlic to the cherry chicken, catfish won't even let it hit the bottom half the time. Smells absolutely terrible but it works so well it outweighs the stank

  16. I always hear of thoses jello/kollaid hot dogs but chicken breast is a first

  17. Hot dogs do work but they're a bitch to cast, they come off the hook real easy even if you try to tie them on with extra line or a loop at least in my experience

  18. Noodles! I run like 1-2 spaguetti noodles trough it and it stays in the hook!

  19. Not even just theft but if one starts acting up or breaks you can just go, ok 3 is fkd, and set it aside for repair quick at home.

  20. I've held a 21 and it seemed like a regular full sized handgun

  21. Not next to other glocks. Either way OPs hands are probably smaller.

  22. As far as I remember they are the same as 17 just a bit wider tho? I guess op just has small hands if this is 1:1

  23. It does open up opportunities for Haliax Pep Talks.

  24. Maybe get this instead if you want to play a marksman role?

  25. What is different/better about this gun? Looks just a little larger? Wish the bid pod was included.

  26. On the newer cover its respectively: Temeraire, Lien, Arkady, Kefentse, Perscitia, Lung Shen Li, Maila, Iskierka and Ning

  27. That kinda puts you out of airsoft as a whole then cause all brands have made some bad guns at some point in their lifetime

  28. I personally own the VFC Gen 2 MP7 (GBBR, not AEG) and its an awesome little gun that packs a good punch, lots of steel parts and a massive improvement over the Gen 1, probably my favourite GBB as of now

  29. The cheapest are usually the most popular, CYMA, G&G, APS and Rossi here, every now and them you will see a Krytac or two

  30. There is no such thing as a tan Mlok barrel, you probably are thinking of the handguard/rail that goes around the barrel

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