1. I'm not even gonna touch that name. Unassisted home birth after 3 c sections? Has she lost her mind?

  2. No upside? What about preventing dangerous diseases?

  3. I hate how they demonize autism. Are all autistic people automatically miserable? Can‘t they lead rewarding lives? I only know one person and they‘re doing fine with some support and adjustment, but I‘m curious to know how other people think about it. My point is, if I imagine potential illnesses or disabilities, autism is not at the top of the list.

  4. Autism is a HUGE scale, it's impossible to generalise. Even if there was a risk of autism with vaccines I'd take that over polio any day!

  5. Yeah, but first they'd have to respond to me first. Which no one does.

  6. Nope, it's mostly "✨yes the placenta is magical✨"

  7. what matters more? Face or height? A 5'8 dude with a handsome face or 6'3 dude wkth average face, whod you choose?

  8. It's more about how they carry themselves. Confidence can make even an objectively ugly guy attractive. Height doesn't come into it much if there's a genuine connection, only if there's a huge gap (like if you're more than a foot apart then it's not very practical). But everyone has personal taste of course.

  9. This is from a heavily antivax group. In a way, I'm more baffled by the odd one saying they do vaccinate their pets (only a handful out of all those comments). So they work on pets but not people?

  10. What hospital is sending home a two month old that keeps stopping breathing?

  11. They're all wild pregnancy/freebirthers so I would take most of what they say with a pinch of salt. They often exaggerate or say they "did nothing" because the doctors wouldn't put essential oils in an IV etc.

  12. I figured as much. I’ve seen some pretty shitty things at hospitals, especially ones in a crisis but I find it hard to believe this mother took their infant in three times in a week, going hypoxic, and they just said the kid was fine. Especially from a freebirther

  13. Yeah exactly. Hospitals aren't perfect by any means but I don't see that happening.

  14. Am I the only one who read that as “motherfucker gene”?

  15. That's how I remembered how to spell it

  16. At least she got examined enough to know the baby’s transverse. Most of these loons don’t even know.

  17. I don't think she's had a scan, doing belly mapping themselves is common.

  18. I'd really like to see those comments. I've always been curious of how one might recommend seeking medical assistance in a group that says "no assistance talk" in the title.

  19. You skirt around it avoiding using medical terminology. Instead of "holy shit go to the hospital" it's "you might want to go in for that"

  20. Aye thanks! But now I have another issue, it’s dripping out, does that reduce the healing effect? Should I put moonstones on the mashed potato that drips out to regulate their flux back inside?

  21. Yes but make sure you've charged them first under a full moon. Don't forget to drink lavendar essential oil before bed as well.

  22. Okay I’ll do that. If I charge them under the full moon do I risk to become a werewolf? Other than that it seems all good!

  23. It's either become a werewolf or take some Tylenol, so better move near the woods.

  24. How do you make such a long screenshot?

  25. On my phone I click on the screenshot after taking it and it gives the option to convert to a "scrollshot". I have a Huawei so don't know if it's unique to android or the make.

  26. Help me! Not you, trained professional, only random Facebook strangers as dumb as me, thanks 🥰

  27. I can't see any info other than that she's in Canada. Also she has been to a hospital so they should have?? They must know she's refusing treatment

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