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  1. Randy Gregory 2.0? Possibly better than him?

  2. Lol…why are you getting downvoted? Hopefully he is a good as Gregory, that’s probably the last legit pass rusher we’ve had

  3. I think maybe because Gregory was really good and Mathis isn't the same talent as Gregory, although it would be great if he were

  4. I gets what your saying, but he was second team all big XII so it’s not like it’s that drastic of a comparison. Hopefully it translates with our system, I know as fans we all have our fingers crossed

  5. Was that the game Martinez injured his ankle? He never returned to that top speed he had before that game

  6. I use them and have had pretty good luck so far. I hear it boils down the employees running the test. I may score 60% but when the employee walks me through it he’ll generally tell me if the score is close enough in range not to worry. First time pool owner as well, I tried to test my own chemicals in the beginning, but found it way easier to take the sample in as I suck at the testing.

  7. They need to have a “Comeback” Oscar just so Ugly Sonic can win the award

  8. This was actually a lot better than I expected. I’ve heard it described as a modern Roger Rabbit and that’s a decent way to put it. But I would also say there’s a bit of Zootopia thrown in there with the hard-boiled organized crime plot.

  9. It was a great family picture, I was having fun with the 90s nostalgia & my kids were having a blast picking all of their favorite characters out of the crowd

  10. I remember being forced to read My Antonia in high school. It was awful.

  11. I just remember my English teacher being overly excited for that book and the character of “Wicked Wick Cutter”

  12. 3-0 start. Lose to Oklahoma and then Purdue and Illinois will be huge iffy games. To me, those two will determine where this team is truly at. They’ll drop. The last 4. 5-7 kool aid for me.

  13. I hate to say it, but I like Illinois’ trajectory with Bielma at the helm more than ours right now

  14. I would say it’s on par with the original. They are both such different movie experiences. T2 is the ultimate fun “popcorn” hit while the original Terminator was really gritty and disturbing, almost horror film.

  15. I’ve enjoyed it so far. I never watched the Netflix documentary so the story is pretty fresh for me which probably helps. I can see your point if already know what happens it may not be adding anything additional

  16. His wife runs a theater/dance theater in Murrieta that they own together. My daughter has been going to it for the past year, but I haven’t run into him there yet.

  17. Ghostwriter by RJD2. Friend showed me the song a long time ago, I loved it, looked up his other songs and it just wasn't my thing.

  18. I thought Deadringer was a good overall album for RJD2, but I agree his other stuff just never measured up

  19. There is zero reason to consider a wireless option when you have fiber to the home. I can’t imagine a single scenario where a cellular provider could be better.

  20. I was just thinking from a cost perspective. But sounds like probably just best to stick with what we have

  21. If $5 is going to make or break your budget, then by all means, but understand that you're doing it for price and not for any kind of better service.

  22. We’re paying around $80/month right now. Not going to send us to the poorhouse, but that’s money that can be spent elsewhere($360/yr) if we get it cheaper. Good call though to see if they can renegotiate our current contract, we’ve had it so long that it sounds like we’re definitely overpaying

  23. Damn. You beat me to it, I just saw this post in

  24. I would love to hear El-P & Killer Mike do Dr Hellno & the Praying Mantis. That hook still gets me

  25. When I saw the Friday the 13th marathon airing on tv

  26. That elephant was slacking off. Doesn’t look like he lost a single pound

  27. There's an early issue written by Dave Sim (before he lost his mind) and another by Alan Moore, not sure how they hold up but at the time I thought those two were really good... The Gaiman and Frank Miller issues didn't really do much for me and the rest was written by McFarlane, so... You know.

  28. The Spawn/Cerebus crossover was awesome. I had never heard of Cerebus before that & ended up getting into that comic soon after

  29. Owning Mahoney is a great Philip Seymour Hoffman flick that may work for you

  30. The commitment to make this movie was amazing, but the film itself was so boring.

  31. Yeah, at least for the US the movie series were removed April 30th

  32. Damn that sucks I was on the 4th on on February 29 dang it I'm so unlucky

  33. HBO seems to really rotate the catalog. I would not be surprised to see them come back up in June

  34. surprised nobody has mentioned this yet…. But go buy some Muriatic Acid. Put some of that shit all over the calcium and watch it disappear. I worked as a pool tech for four years, this along with chiseling it off with a flathead, is the best method without a doubt.

  35. Thanks! What’s the safest way to apply it? I was thinking of just using a spray bottle to spray it on directly. Do I need to dilute the acid at all?

  36. I didn’t realize how out of the loop I was until I played in golf tournament recently. They had us register at the clubhouse & asked for everyone’s instagrams. Out of about 20 guys in their 30s & 40s, I was the only one without an account. I’m 42 & may be a Boomer as well

  37. This post reminded me of the scene from Falling Down

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