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  1. Looks like mew could use some lessons in cat body language. Anyone have some good links to share that teach cat body language? Comment below. This SIC is showing lots of signs of being uncomfortable. I don’t like it. It makes me uncomfortable. It is important to respect your Cat’s boundaries. Would mew like it if someone pet mew like that? (Don’t answer that last question please.) Mew need to be gentle with meowr SIC. This is not how this meowdle is supposed to be oppurrated. Do mew need a new copy of meowr user manual? Quick summary: be gentle, respect boundaries, be predictable, pay attention to body language, if SIC says no respect the no, if SIC breaks your boundaries do not punish SIC but instead ignore the SIC (SIC understands lack of attention means no but doesn’t understand punishment), ask for help from certified SIC expurrt if mew don’t know what meowr SIC’s body language means, no squirt bottles ever, trust is everything, imagine if you are a SIC how you would feel in your SIC’s paws and adjust accordingly.

  2. Why no squirt bottles? Granted for my kitty it only works for like 30 seconds before she's after what she wanted to do in the first place again, but isn't that supposed to teach no?

  3. The reason he did that is because he thinks you have nowhere else to go. Run. Your daughter will be a lot happier to not grow up in a house with an abusive father, trust me. Take the above advice.

  4. Yeah this reminds me of how my mother, after I ran away from home and talked to her after, said "As soon as you found somewhere to go to you left me" like yeah, you left me no place to go to by triangulating and severing all of my relationships.......

  5. Where i can find the sauce of this documentation?

  6. What really got me was how people were crying to see Kim Jong Un. It's a giant cult this country.

  7. It's about practice if you listen to a lot of songs trying to understand you'll get better. By the time I could understand songs I was fluent in English for 4-5 years using it daily. It helps if you follow lyrics while listening as a practice.

  8. May I ask what kinds of food could cause this? I also have these days when my muscles are constantly burning and every movement hurts, and it often goes with digestion issues so I was wondering about the relation with food

  9. Normal milk makes me really sick. Yogurt and cheese is fine, if I eat a small portion of cooked milk it's fine but normal milk makes me sick. Most of the things that make me sick are packaged goods. I have a particular fondness of some sauces that I can't have anymore because they will make me very sick. I recently started to get sick after eating some chocolatey sweets so getting rid of those too. Basically packaged goods, preservers, probably soy, MSG, milk. It's a trial and error thing. When I get sick I try to count back on what I ate out of the ordinary and make a mental note of it and avoid those the next time.

  10. I get blue nails too! I was wondering if it was Raynaud's. I very very rarely get white fingers, but I get blue nails very often recently. I wonder what causes that. It looks weird and alien-like

  11. EDS can cause an everything deficiency. Lol. It’s really not talked about enough. I have a pretty good diet and yet in the last few years I’ve had potassium, magnesium, B6, B12 and D deficiencies.

  12. I always explain it like "my bowels aren't really good at absorbing" because I seem healthy but I'm deficient in pretty much everything on the book. I have to closely monitor my symptoms, pains, dizziness etc to understand what I might be lacking at a certain moment. My previous GP was able to run a whole bunch of tests but my current one has a very limited selection so I wasn't even able to get my minerals checked the last time I went in. So now it's an entire guessing game.

  13. Your partner is entirely correct. I, too, wouldn't do things if it weren't for my cartoon bird.

  14. This is the story of why I don't base those fantasies on my actual life now, rather make up fantasy people that go through these. There was this very cute guy at the cafe I was a regular at. He'd work remotely there. We hit it off so well, had a lot of common interests and honestly it gave me a lot of joy talking to him. We were like flirting but nothing too major, it was just a couple of weeks. Then one night I fantasized about how it'd be if we got into a relationship. It went great. We were great together. We even moved in together. It was all sunshine and rainbows. Until one day I found out he was cheating on me. In this fantasy. I was so upset. I was actually upset in this reality, my positive feelings for him were gone, I ended up not going out to the cafe so often for unrelated reasons but ended up not talking to the guy very much again. That day, I swore off fantasizing about my own life. Because fuck we'd have made a great couple.

  15. Honestly I feel this so much. Recently my symptoms have been getting worse. I actually had to take a week off my job because I couldn't leave my bed. I have to take two painkillers at a time. My hands hurt so much. Makeup is a lot of fun though when I have the energy. I actually put makeup on and try bold eye makeup as a form of therapy at home. Also I was watching Selena Gomez rare beauty videos and she has weak hands from lupus, and I honestly relate to her so much that it made me feel better to watch her do her makeup despite the struggle.

  16. When I ran from my mother and moved in with my boyfriend and his father, one of the things my mom said to me was "We went through so much together and the minute you find somewhere to run away to, you ran from me". Yeah really shows how you manipulated me to never get close to anyone, limit my finances, put curfews when I was 20-something, literally did not allow me to work, moved a man into what was supposed to be our apartment after knowing him for two months and allowed him to touch me and hug me when I didn't want anything to do with him. Yeah, I did run away the moment I had somewhere to run away to.

  17. Having recently finished the Metro 2033 game, this makes me want to read it! What a man he is.

  18. Definitely would recommend. To this day it's one of the most engaging book I've ever read. I absolutely love it.

  19. I genuinely think everyone over 40 ( i am over 40) needs to be tested for lead poisoning or something. So many ppl have lost their minds in the very specific way of not being able to see what is an obvious lie.

  20. Tbh I feel this my uncle is 42 and is going through such a phase. And of course there's a woman leeching off of him. Along with his soon-to-be-ex wife who's apparently also leeching off of him? I just don't know. He's making one bad choice after another.

  21. EDIT: As some have pointed out, a lot of my thinking is heavily inspired by geopolitical analyst Peter Zeihan, who is coming out

  22. This was such a fun read, now I really want to read more things you've written.

  23. I have a question. Is this like an actual training bruise or just some "I sat on my knees" bruise? Because I bruise super easily but I'm really not sure what the minimum force amount is

  24. my wife has quite bad insomnia and I have a breathing disorder, we haven't done it but if what you need to get more sleep is separate beds then do that. Nothing in my life has ever sucked more than multiple nights of bugger all sleep, the emotional and psychological impact is soul destroying

  25. Same but I'm the wife. We have a really comfortable couch in our spare room so that's often my bed. I do love sleeping together though so when I don't have to get up early for work, we do cuddle and sleep together.

  26. Gosh this is great I hope we can use something like this more! Normally I'm a 60-70 but on bad days I can drop to 20 and explaining this to doctors makes them believe I'm just exaggerating or just a hypochondriac. I mean I'm glad I usually have mild symptoms but nobody attempts to treat mild symptoms.

  27. I was wondering, thanks for the update! You are guys are cute!

  28. Totally unrelated but this person went to the same university as me, I can tell from the logo on the papers lol

  29. Back in the beginning few months of my relationship my now hubby never called me "beautiful", he'd call me cute and the likes but I have this weird obsession with wanting to be beautiful (because of my family obviously). I know I'm good looking but I have low self esteem and this need of being called beautiful and he never called me that. At one point I felt so bad about this I told him I want him to vocalise it this way. He responded "I never called any of my girlfriends beautiful, it's just not my style, I show my appreciation other ways" and I was like well fine. I dropped it. Time passed, we're good, got married etc. Like six months into the marriage he suddenly started calling me beautiful, in a way similar to how your partner said it. He looks at me and says "You're so beautiful." I love it. Not only because my needs are met but also because I know he actually means it, it comes from the inside. It feels great.

  30. My husband calls rebel inc "pkk simulator", pkk is the terrorist group that's been plaguing my country since the nineties. We both played hours of that. I also played hours upon hours of plague inc and honestly as a healthcare worker it helped me at my job I think :D well done! Looking forward to more games from you!

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