1. PED use has increased rapidly in the last decade the UK anti doping agency estimates around 1 million people are using PED's out of a population of around 65 - 70 million, probably due to the fact that most fitness influences people watch are juiced up to there eye balls and people want to look like that along with the more open and relaxed attitude to soft drugs the younger generations have in general. But there is still a lot of bad information and lack of information around safe use and PCT for steroids. Its probably not solely responsible since you are right about lower test levels in general but I would say its a big part of that equation.

  2. There is also a lot of stuff that are some kind of PED but new so might not be considered to be a PED even if they have unknown effectiveness or side effects. Not to mention scam supplements.

  3. The issues you mention are not the issues that prevent men from having relationships. Women not marrying for financial security also means they are less interested in how much their partner makes.

  4. At 17 you probably want to be careful about cutting. You're still growing some so you should fuel that. Maybe eat at maintenance or at most 200 calories below. Even for an adult aggressive cuts are questionable. The slower the cut the easier it is to maintain the muscle mass.

  5. The $20 one is the deluxe edition with plastic cards, a wallet, and I think some extra cards.

  6. You need to buy a kadomaru corner punch, now! It's so good. You won't regret it.

  7. You're obviously not a part of the d&d community. Search ogl 1.1 and look at how badly Hasbro shot themselves in the foot last month . Their competition sold 8 months worth of product in two weeks and they might never get their customer base back

  8. I mean wizards' mtg fans aren't happy either.

  9. Or, you know, not expect exponential growth and be happy with the revenue they have. The constant need for more is ridiculous and insupportable.

  10. Private companies and long-term investors can be realistic about the whole finite population thing. Publicly traded companies appealing to short-term investors won't be able to be realistic and will burnout trying to keep profits increasing year after year.

  11. Like first responders or like nurses/doctors.

  12. "On call" is a thing in tech but it's usually a "hey, website is down and the server room is full of magic smoke" kind of call. I suppose now days it would be an automated email and you'd play with some configurations or rollback something. Either way the message would come to you at home.

  13. Sounds like we should have training and licensing requirements for gun ownership like we do for cars.

  14. Criminal misuse isn't a training problem. Driving isn't a right. If you applied your concept to other rights you'd realize the obvious problems.

  15. Ok, have fun justifying your hobby while kids literally die.

  16. None my firearms have killed anyone. Me owning something doesn't cause deaths. That includes the "scary" kinds and "scary" accessories.

  17. I've heard people blame guns existing for decades. It's not a new argument. And I did read the article, it's mostly just talking about some stats and certainly does not establish causation.

  18. The article is just highlighting the details in the report, which establishes causation very well. Feel free to read it, the actual report. The facts are very difficult to ignore, being as they are, facts.

  19. I mean if going cheap was an option why didn't you get a clone mp5?

  20. I will recommend a revolver for 22lr if reliability is a concern. This just because a dud has to be cleared in a semi-auto where as in a revolver you'd just keep going.

  21. I'd expect the Juliette would pair nicely as it was made for it and they sell it as a pair. If you were going to upgrade the sight later maybe consider the nicer magnifier.

  22. Agree. Beto was a terrible choice, a wasted opportunity to maybe have a chance at giving Abbott a good fight.

  23. He'd do fine in cities or a blue state. Honestly I think he was just campaigning to remain relevant for a future election like another presidential run or something. Not really sure what he is planning now given Biden is supposed to be running.

  24. I think you’re right. The citizens of Texas keep voting these clowns back in due to patriotism or the Alamo or something, so there’s no incentive to actually solve problems for the voters. This is the third winter in a row that the grid has gone down .

  25. Like every state there is still a sizable portion of the population that voted for the other guy.

  26. I split them into 5 sets of 4. I only have to stop bc of my wrists, I dont blame them, I'm 5'3 and 235 lmaoo

  27. Warm-ups help with that, maybe over time.

  28. Id love to do it on my bars but I physically cant do a full ROM push up yet, I need all the surface area of my hand rn. I get maybe half ROM but I assume thatll get better with time

  29. You are lifting more than you might be after some weight loss. A lot of people would have to get a weighted vest or something for an equivalent challenge. The bars are often suggested as a way to reduce strain on the wrists although using bars for any exercise might have an adjustment time. Just might be a stress some people can deal with better if they have some wrist injury or something.

  30. Why in the fuck would you sit for an interview and reveal that?

  31. I think some of these people get into bunker type things as a status symbol. The gold could be a hedge for wealth storage as could some firearms but sounds more like doomsday fantasy things.

  32. The pandemic and lock downs and WHF drove huge increases in shipping items in boxes, it had to come back down. Inflation is working its magic on demand as well.

  33. I think some companies also tried to reduce waste from packaging due to cost and PR reasons. I would agree that there should be a slump from the pandemic high where people had to order online instead.

  34. I think that depends on how that sort of chart is presented.

  35. Whey protein isn't just about bulking. It's more to just get extra protein without as many other macros. It's also cheaper per gram of protein than a lot of other sources. I think skinless chicken breast is still pretty good but chicken doesn't come in a chuggable chocolate flavor drink.

  36. If your goal is not bulking, there are plenty of better protein choices. Even if you are going to go down the powdered path, egg protein or casein will be superior.

  37. It would be quite debatable what would be superior. And how one might be better probably won't matter to most people. I will say that cost wise normal skinless chicken breast is a very good option. Also peanut butter but that comes with a lot more calories per gram of protein.

  38. Who is charging this much money? The private party selling the gun or is the FFL driving the price up?

  39. In CA there is a special list of approved handguns, "on roster" or "safe handguns". The 43x isn't approved so FFLs can't sell new ones or get them in from Glock. Same with many other firearms including gen5 Glocks.

  40. I like that the cops are bringing them in, hilarious

  41. Yes, cops are allowed to buy "unsafe" handguns, for the public's "safety".

  42. Yeah if doomsday comes, the preppers are going to be the first people killed. And during the pandemic they revealed themselves to be the people least able to stay holed up for an extended period of time.

  43. You didn't see prepared people when you saw people freaking out about isolation or panic buying. There were other people you didn't even realize were prepared for anything.

  44. The vague idea of training sounds nice but will have problems in practice. Really any kind of training or licensing requirements will get misused. And what is the rational for the training? Criminal misuse isn't a training problem and accidents are rare.

  45. Yeah, but it’s not just her. My back is facing the opening in my cubicle so if anyone comes up behind me to ask something, I won’t see or hear them. Thinking about just getting a rear view mirror lol.

  46. A rear view mirror is totally a thing in the cubicle life. A crabby boss might be weird about it though.

  47. Does your office have something like teams? You could get that coworker to use that.

  48. If you're competitive or worried about fairness you might note some sort of "conversion" to account for the differences. Don't count X mm on the larger bases or something.

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