1. Manuel Antonio, Jaco, Santa Teresa, Nosara and Tamarindo on the Pacific side have the best nightlife.

  2. This guy knows his stuff, I would avoid Jaco though it's probably amongst the ugliest ones and it can be quite dangerous.

  3. Pacific side / Jaco is really what you seek. Caribbean side is not that kind of typical US mass tourism.

  4. Tamarindo is much prettier, Jaco is dangerous and the beach is really nothing to sight about.

  5. Qué nombre de usuario más intenso. Si lo escogió, no sé ni qué pensar.

  6. Actually clown, getting smoked every time you push, usually means you're not very great.

  7. Pushing everything is not the same as "every time" I push, it's not my fault you don't understand the english language but I'll explain. In this battle royale genre game awareness and smarts are as important as mechanical skill, if you just W key every fight with the plan being "I'll just wing it, I'm better" you probably wont. If you want to deny that be my guest pretend you're one of the best players in the world like someone believes you, clown.

  8. "If I push everything I just get smoked every single time without failure." Sounds exactly like every time, clown. Getting smoked all the time sounds like you just suck and you have no game awareness. There are different ways to play the game when you practice. Just learn some of em clown.

  9. Lmao doubling down on a bad take I see, just like the clown you are. No wonder you got -2 karma.

  10. Because women regularly get harassed and assaulted by men. It’s not “walking on eggshells” it’s called being considerate.

  11. I quite frankly don't give a flying shit, I have no ill intent, I'm just minding my business on the street. I have little regard for your feelings if me walking on a public street makes you nervous don't go out, it really isn't my problem. Men usually get assaulted by men and are more likely to be robbed or killed I don't believe they should explain shit to me when walking in public.

  12. That’s great that you don’t have any ill intent, but people around you have no way of knowing that. And there’s a difference between simply passing by someone on a walk, and turning around to walk behind them when they pass by you. Of course that’s going to put anyone with an ounce of common sense on edge. So just saying a simple “just turning around” would be the courteous thing to do. Or you could follow them in silence like a total creep, totally up to you 🤷‍♀️

  13. Taking the same path as someone isn't "following" it just so happens we're going the same way. I will not explain this as it's unnecessary and if you're that on edge about it that you need an explanation, don't walk in public. Use public transport or your personal vehicle. I owe no one an explanation of why I'm fucking walking. I'm equally afraid of getting robbed at gun point but I don't feel everyone that's not a threat should inform me so, that's simply idiotic.

  14. Mae depende del brete pero a mi me pagaban en dólares eran como 1200$ al mes, pero me pagaban semanalmente.

  15. En cualquier centro geriátrico fresa OP. Es jodiendo obvio esta chiva que teja pero no he escuchado de nada similar.

  16. I’ll roll one up for the Tican homies when it’s recreational 😎

  17. Uff con ese spanglish esos "homies" son de Escazú o Santa Ana, buenos partidos jajajajaj

  18. Hablando del uso de español e ingles. No me puedo imaginar de donde sos vos, Voldemortsnipples01 pero me hago una idea jaja.

  19. Una vara es ser bilingüe y la otra usar spanglish super forzado, pero todo bien.

  20. What does him being black have anything to do with this story? You deserve to be fired.

  21. He called me a "bitch ass n*gga" don't care either way I got the money I needed and I graduated this is old as shit, also didn't get fired. I got a work in my field now. Man you're such a clown.

  22. I'm not going to explain the obvious, YOU GO LOOK UP "sampling bias". You probably went to some shit community college. Absolute fucking clown.

  23. It's not a cold war battlepass, it's vanguard's. It just shows on cold war because you can level it up across recent cod games.

  24. Yo dude you're probably clinically depressed you should considered visiting a psychiatrist, you might benefit a lot from treatment. I would encourage you to read about it and make the decision yourself.

  25. I've seen there's some female only apex legends facebook groups while browsing before I would guess there's probably the same with cold war, you could try your luck there.

  26. Explain to your dad, that she's a huge bitch and he's better off finding you a new step-mom.

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