1. Trace your desired size from the pattern, don't cut it out.

  2. I think the first and third look great on you! The second one is cute but it isn't amazing, imo. Definitely think you're a SG.

  3. spackle/caulk, push into the cracks with your finger then paint over once it's dry.

  4. I'm stuck at chapter five with the graffiti on the wall. I'm guessing it's

  5. Yes, there are kits sold on amazon or at Home Depot that measure nutrients in the soil, you can buy those and get familiar with the chemistry and reagents. If you want to take it a step further, Hach has analytical test kits for almost anything you could want.

  6. What kind of container are they in? Are there holes in the bottom?

  7. They are in a glass container now, a candle holder. Should I switch pot even tho I'm trying to root them?

  8. I mean run your distilled water through the medium to flush out any residual tap water. But that’s just precautionary. If you can increase the humidity then that would be the best thing for this plant.

  9. Thank you! I'll try that. I made a quick green house and put a cup of water inside, hope that helps!

  10. The pot has been outside with a gooseberry plant but since the last week or so I removed the plant and the pot has been inside, with the soil still in it. I live in Sweden.

  11. When I first wet the moss I used water with lime in it. After I read you're sopposed to use distilled water or rainwater because it's free of lime. Now I'm waiting for it to rain so I can collect some.

  12. Should be mentioned that they do this to cool down, it's their way of regulating body heat

  13. Oh I didn't know that, I saw it on a nature show quite recently on natgeo och animal planet, must have been an old show. Do you know the reason they do it?

  14. Hahaha silver lining! (And cheers to world market clearance sales!)

  15. Everybody needs to read this! You sir, are a hero for being strong and doing the right thing. I wish you all the luck and hope you get to see your daughter soon!

  16. Yeah, the dog is trying to establish dominans over the child.

  17. In german we call it chess board flower

  18. I think it's kings meadow lily in swedish, there is only one S i kungsängslilja

  19. I have a ~2 year old ball python and want to get another one, how it working for you with two? Do they live together? Are they the same age and have they always been together?

  20. Bad ass! * I used to want a snake when i was younger. Then I got older and decided I would rather just take care of myself. Lol

  21. My boyfriend got her this summer and now me and her are best friends! Honestly never thought I would love a snake

  22. Are you from cork? Is it like they portray it in The young offenders movie and tv series? It's the funniest movie ever btw and I love it!!

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