1. vth2 says:

    Is this The Deep's bed?

  2. The article says it was 5.4 million users, not 54 million.

  3. vth2 says:

    What about an HISPANIC ACTOR?

  4. Mmm pues sería dictador pero el detalle es que los que lo llamaban así eran mayormente pertenecientes a partidos de izquierda/comunistas (parte actual "oposición" y chavismo que llevo a la quiebra a Vzla de los que cada tanto se reúnen o celebran la caída de PJ >

  5. vth2 says:

    Damn son, you were supposed to lick the boot, not make it a whole meal.

  6. Dios.te pido la erradicación de los magazolanos

  7. vth2 says:

    Señora. Esto no es facebook.

  8. vth2 says:

    Hard to tellbif those are protestors for civil rights or just covididiots

  9. vth2 says:

    I think No girls on the internet has a recent episode about it.

  10. vth2 says:

    Da fuck is wrong with you?

  11. Ya. I know. I posted before going to sleep and didn't check.

  12. The Musk phone would proly be just a chinese generic phone with android stock, twitter preinstalled, and a musk wallpaper.

  13. Look for Lemmy. Is an open source alternative to reddit and is federated.

  14. Mira la metes en el microondas un par de minutos y los químicos peligrosos se desactivan. Luego la puedes botar con calma

  15. Jokes on you. No tengo microondas.

  16. Not really since the girl is 20 something.

  17. Someone should melt it and make everyone who worships that con artist drink it.

  18. La lista de las grandes maravillas del mundo se dicta por un comité y las eligieron en una votación.

  19. Damn girl. You were supposed to lick the boot, not make it a whole meal.

  20. I guess he kissed Tsukihi and fondled her breasts (and did not find it enjoyable). And brushed Karen's teeth with a toothbrush.

  21. I can understand the bath thing. The problem is Monogatari over sexualizing the escene.

  22. The irony is Araragi being a sex ofender who has done pretty fucked up shit with his sisters.

  23. Unhealthy amounts of sugar in everything.

  24. The daily mail is not reliable. Headline sounds more like "oh, poor white people who has to face the black discrimination".

  25. Black Lagoon tiene personajes venezolanos, y muestra a Caracas y Barinas.

  26. No recuerdo si Fabiola era Venezolana pero si que el carajito era Venezolano.

  27. Bueno, siendo justos, todos los personajes son criminales, y pienso que otras nacionalidades quedan bastante peor.

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