SBF was trying to depeg USDT and other stablecoins. What the FUCK.

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  1. Changing the majority of the car from last season to this is never ever a good sign.

  2. Or maybe it's going to turn out great this time, maybe That'll happen.

  3. I always forget about Hugo Sanchez. Shame Mexico couldn’t build a decent team around him.

  4. I used to forgot about Hugo but not anymore for sure.

  5. Sure, imo best way is to have just small amount of money in bank to do the normal payments and IF something ever happens then you have BTC as backup to do things the harder way but at least you dont lose all of your money.

  6. Small money in bank which we can use to pay for the bills, grocery stuff and all and other than that into the bitcoin specially for the long time of the investment there.

  7. Everything in writing that is suppose to safeguard us means nothing now. This country is in a steady downward trend.

  8. Eventually it has been burnt down from really past five to 10 years, constantly.

  9. He didn't know you upvoted. They just send DMs to anybody who posts or comments on crypto subs.

  10. social networks have turned into a dumpster these days. You can't talk to someone with being sure it is NOT a bot. They dm every day. sometimes i had even friendly fire to a legit user lol

  11. It is more the healthcare that i am worried about with the increasing in the number.

  12. I just looked up pics, she could use a makeover because her choices look terrible.

  13. Lol, I don't think she's really happy about any of it right now.

  14. plz define "veritable symphony of related transactions". Cheers .

  15. The truth of the matter is this. Binance are skating on very thin ice, acting like they’re invisible.

  16. I blame you for this unfortunate development

  17. They certainly need to do a lot of development in dead phase, and they actually require debt.

  18. It happens when supply is lessened but demand is constant or heightened

  19. The U.S. State Department has also noted that there is no evidence that this happened and warned people against sharing such claims because they may cause harm to innocent people in Iran.

  20. What does it mean to be a millionaire? I think people would classify it differently depending on circumstances.

  21. Zero. Actually, a lot of different kind of circumstances as well, in which you can do these things.

  22. It really does say a lot about the government when they prioritize luxury in this economy.

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