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  1. There's subscriptions? I bought the app years ago

  2. Same - and I'm actually considering switching to Google podcasts because there's no integration with the Google Assistant. I wonder what I'll be missing.

  3. That's not because of pockectcasts tho that google intentionally not allowing 3rd partys interact with their GA to have their own ecosystem...😅

  4. Well no that's not true, if you write a provider it will work. But I must admit that I can't find documentation for that.

  5. Small 6-or-8-seater robo taxi. That will be cheaper than public transport and basically end up cannibalizing the entire city car market. Every city will get these. Needs good software that does ride sharing.

  6. Wait am I missing something? Can we not kiss our adult children on the lips? I know it sounds weird but I was always taught a peck is normal for adult children and parents. Not that I’d know, my parents are dead af.

  7. That’s why you need to have both for optimal results. I drove a 2021 Freightliner semi with radar and cameras. Less advanced than Tesla’s software and it’s supposed to stop for everything properly. I have faith in the semi as long as they don’t do just vision only. My M3P is vision only and I find the car to be wonky at times with stopping for cars too late. In a semi with 80K pounds you don’t have that kinda time.

  8. All Tesla are vision only unless they aren't updated. Radar is not used. The vision stack on fsd beta looks awesome though, I'm not worried.

  9. How does the vision-only thing work in fog? Wouldn't radar be better if it's foggy?

  10. It works just like your eyes, in fog you should drive slower. If you can't see a bicycle with radar then you shouldn't be driving faster than visible braking distance

  11. Used to lock the handlebar in place when folded, there should be a hook on the back of your e-scooter that hooks into this thing.

  12. Im sorry my man but this is completely wrong...

  13. Well it does have a marked effect, and breath hold is more controlled by CO2 production than O2 absence. Anaerobic metabolism is only used sparingly BTW, certainly not when you're relaxed and sitting down.

  14. Why would you hold your breath on purpose? Do you want your blood to turn into battery acid.??

  15. I hold my breath to swim underwater and also to determine my fat metabolism. None of what you wrote here matters for that.

  16. Using renewables to extract hydrogen could be a form of energy storage in lieu of traditional batteries. For example, we still can’t store all of the solar we collect during the day in modern batteries, so a lot of collected energy just gets wasted. Converting unused solar energy into fuels like hydrogen could be a really good way around this problem.

  17. You can make hydrocarbons instead, et know how to store and ship those

  18. Yup - you can also create hydrocarbons. Who cares if the efficiency is low, creating alcohol from plants is way lower (less than 1%) Direct electric should still be preferred, but there's plenty of applications where batteries aren't good enough yet.

  19. 300 good programmers would do this in one day. Or just get one 10xer and do it in one month.

  20. Thank you for reminding me that Scala exists

  21. /uj once I attended a 3 hour exposé on Scala, was thoroughly impressed and promptly decided to never use it, leaving it to Real Programmers.

  22. Verstehe die Runterwählis nicht. Bela = Weiß/Hell, Rus = Russen/Russland

  23. But the cameras aren't magically going to clean themselves when the OP wants to park. This is a photo I asked my wife to take while driving in dark just today:

  24. The front camera has heating resistor wires on the glass. The other cameras don't seem to have anything for heating.

  25. It was working for me with screen off for flash, but that stopped working today :(

  26. An example of a level 5 autonomous system is an elevator. You are transported from one floor to another in a way where you can only press the stop button. They avoid the spacial mapping problem by controlling the path and preventing all possible collisions.

  27. I'd say that the system accurately assigns depth to imagery but doesn't take the extra step of discovering reflective surfaces, a task that can be hard even for humans

  28. I want to agree, but 5 megapixel cameras are kind of great at measuring distance.

  29. I'm gonna need an ELI13 for this. So mice eating PA react badly to LPS? How badly? And where do the LPS come from?

  30. Yea a lot of people are dumping papers and not analyzing their takeaways. I’ve been saving them, I’m a researcher (not in this field) and I’ve been meaning to do some write ups on some of these to breakdown takeaways and possible critiques of the study designs.

  31. So, anybody else noticing that vitamin d supplements but not sunshine helps against dry elbow skin and cracking lips in wintertime?

  32. How do you gauge sunshine not helping in the winter time?

  33. A week long beach vacation didn't help, I still needed to supplement or I got cracked lips.

  34. Plattdeutsch hat wie Niederländisch einige Lautverschiebungen nicht mitgemacht, aber eigentlich sind Hochdeutsch und Niederländisch etwas näher verwandt als Plattdeutsch und Niederländisch. Plattdeutsch hat sich aus dem Altsächsischen entwickelt und Niederländisch aus dem Niederfränkischen, aus dem sich auch die Dialekte des nördlichen Rheinlands (Kleve, Mönchengladbach, Duisburg, Oberhausen, ...) entwickelt haben.

  35. Interessant, als Flamen Kann Ich den Plattdeutschen Wikipedia wirklig gut Verstehen.

  36. If Australia has abundant renewable energy then there is a way to turn iron powder into an exportable form of dense energy/heat. Iron burns with temperatures that might drive coal power plants as we transition. The combustion of pure iron powder produces no co2.

  37. The question is how much energy this can store and how much it costs to move it around. Iron is heavy.

  38. Well it's been charging my laptop just fine without overheating. USB C PD is complex and precise, and even if it doesn't reach 33W it is doing everything in a way that all my USB C devices are happy.

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