1. https://www.citybeat.com/arts/everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-2023-cincinnati-reds-opening-day-parade-14892409

  2. Thanks for the insight and the link, just bookmarked.

  3. If the weather is bad (it is about 50% of the time) you can get tix for cheap. Especially this year. And especially if you are just looking for one ticket. Once the game starts standing room only tickets could be had for $10-30 (depending on how bad the weather is)

  4. Greatly appreciated! It sounds like staying north of the stadium more into the neighborhood will be preferred. Maybe just walk around near OTR/Washington Park/Findlay market and pop into places.

  5. If you want to stay near OTR. HIGHLY recommend The Eagle. Best chicken sandwiches in town. If you can't get a table there, I'd recommend Taft's Brewery. Renovated cathedral into a taphouse that has good beer and good food too. If you're looking for a more wild experience, I would head to O' Malley's in the Alley closer to the stadium or better yet the banks in general (ust outside the stadium). The banks is the street consisting of outdoor/indoor bars including Tincup, Fishbowl, Stretch, Yardhouse, etc. If yoyu just want to enjoy a quiet time outside and don't care as much about the game, head to City bird (affiliate of the Eagle) in OTR for carry-out and head to Washington Park.

  6. Appreciate the insight. So I've actually been to the Eagle in cincy and columbus and I've been to Tafts. Both places were great and I think Tafts was pretty close to the Findlay market I believe. Also, I like that last tip.

  7. He is slowly becoming my most disliked player in the whole league tbh 1) Durant 2) Morant

  8. This isn’t difficult to understand. Put him behind a microphone without any paper in front of him. Let him speak for himself.

  9. In the midst of a possible pending investigation and ongoing legal issues you have everything to lose and nothing to gain by talking right now.

  10. Catch me getting drunk going to Cleveland to watch the Bengals beat the Browns without worrying about driving. If they can get you from Cincinnati to Columbus in less than 3 hours I don’t know why I’d drive there.

  11. I don’t know a single Browns fan who has done that. Considering Columbus has a lot of transplants from Cleveland because they went to OSU (and OSU gets far more students from NE Ohio than SW Ohio), I’d love to see some data on this claim.

  12. You are 1000 percent right. I'm saying the same thing lol.

  13. I wouldn't say it's a browns town through and through. First and foremost it's a buckeyes town far and away over any other team in any league and then probably a good split of Bengals browns fans and an additional sector of Fairweather fans who will just root for the ohio team doing the best. When I moved here 15 years ago it was mostly Bengals gear I would see then around 2018 it flipped and I saw a lot of browns Gear up until last year when cinci went to the superbowl

  14. Of course it's a Buckeyes town lol, that goes without saying, we're talking NFL here.

  15. Not trying to invite a riot here, but didn't the Bengals basically get TD gifted to them in the Superbowl last year on a no call or am I misremembering?

  16. Bengals blew that game, had multiple opportunities. The gifted TD you mentioned, a missed fg, OBJ going down and leaving the game etc

  17. McPherson didn’t miss a kick in the playoffs last year. He’s never missed a playoff FG.

  18. Benefited from LA missing a fg kick!

  19. As far as iconic neighborhoods go I would say German Village, The Near East side, Short North, OSU campus and maybe Old North/Clintonville and the Hilltop.

  20. Milwaukee is FAR sketchier than Cleveland by miles. There's a lot of similarities, but MKE is more like the worst parts of Chicago mixed with a 5 mile square area of defunct gear factory and a bunch more gangs and heroin.

  21. Trade back for Baker in the off season 😂

  22. Really? There are an insane amount of firearms and gun crimes in cleveland now and historically.

  23. I had Greenfield drive/south park apts listed as well

  24. I worked reno one year at Canonby and also the place across Greenlawn on HP...I think it was called Evergreen. Across from the Saab place. Yeeeeeesh.

  25. I know those apartments you're talking about as well!

  26. Was wondering when they were finally going to end up officially pulling the plug after all these years. Crazy to think it's now closed though.

  27. Never tried one but I believe Staufs has them as a seasonal option atm

  28. Nice shot! What area or side of town on this angel,

  29. Does not look like an enjoyable afternoon there

  30. Greg Joseph just kicked a 61 yarder game winner lol

  31. Lucky they had a dome there lol

  32. Need to get Njoku a couple of big touches in the 2nd half!

  33. NGL this literally sounds like one of the worst plans I've ever heard of in my life! Go browns!

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