1. Inquisitor doesn't actually get a lot of intelligent moments unless you count being manipulative as intelligent.

  2. Sarkhai, Voss, and Gormak were all considered as expanded playable races many years back.

  3. Gormak doesn't even seem possible outside of cartel market considering the fact that just getting one off voss is a whole ordeal. But that certainly would be an intresting option.

  4. My money is on a trooper. As in origin story since clearly he is a scoundrel going by the symbol above.

  5. I asked the same question (in-game) when I got it, it makes no sense unless it does 'something' behind the scenes, which I feel is really unlikely.

  6. can't be that since paxton rall has a empty slot for a second blaster pistol which he can't use.

  7. Replaying flashpoints will give you light and dark points if they have those options or a few heroics and repeatable side missions. Or if you did diplomacy crew skills.

  8. dear god exact numbers. Also, the sabers are a very nice touch. I would use contrasting colors on a dual wielder but it always seems a bit weird and uneven closest I have gotten was a purple and red saber on my marauder. and no it has nothing to do with Revan.

  9. I certainly prefer solo content especially when you account for the fact that group content invites a lot of negativity. You know like mob mentality of hate Quinn hate koth and the occasional really disturbing statements about slaughtering the weak not in an RP context. Like people threatening to kick you when they die to a boss instead of avoiding it's nuke or whispering insults to you after the fact.

  10. I had the opposite problem on my first sith warrior. I was a light-ish sith warrior and I literally never flirted with Vette, because I knew about Jaesa and wanted to romance her, and the game seemed to think Vette and I were in a romance because I was semi nice to her. After I learned you couldn't romance LS Jaesa I said fuck it and stuck with the Vette romance.

  11. well she is kinda romanceable now if you call one scene a romance

  12. So they made a scripted scene get boosted damage...that defeats the purpose of making it a scripted scene and makes everything about the fight terrible.

  13. as terrible as this may sound this is a good source of food...unless these ducks have 0 nutritional value

  14. that moment when the account tagged as meme emperor shows up as suspended so the emperor is dead

  15. It’s really only a thing for… Infantry beasts ig? It’s an offense NFU for them with spd check, which is usable by Nailah and who?

  16. I wouldn't mind Phyne, the sith acolyte that offers to attack Vemrin for you, returning as a sith character and talking to the sith warrior like an old friend. Or other small npcs returning for small roles. Then again Phyne would probably not have the same voice actor after all these years.

  17. She talks to the sith warrior after one of their trials on korriban. You have the choice between letting her and her group attack Vemrin which results in her being crippled temporarily. Or you can tell her not to do it and she he sends you a message thanking you for warning her against it. Either way she's alive at the end meaning she could come back. It would be cool character to return.

  18. I do hope felix gets at the very least second place so he gets a brave unit.

  19. Can we have one tempest trial map where characters that oppose each other can't be rolled once IS.

  20. I know that Ruins of nul doesn't kick you out of the flash point or give you an exit marker. I'm not sure if your mission objectives do update when you finish this flash point but if you completed it you should just be able to leave and go to the prison on the faction space station to continue (If you remember seeing a greyed-out button on the missions elevator that is it).

  21. I've been considering this very choice myself. I feel like scoundrel should be slightly better than operative since they have the same primary weapon. Does that make sense or does it not really matter?

  22. Well, it saves you bag space to not have to switch your main weapon. unless you pick the healer combat style in which case your weapon better be crit or alacrity to minimize the switching, even more. But really yeah it's mostly just a convenience thing to pick the one with the same main hand or off-hand in the case of force classes. Then there is the guardian/sage who doesn't change any part of their build.

  23. My recommendation is to go to the fleet adaptive gear vendor and/or a planet vendor can't remember the exact name for the type of vendor but they sell cosmetic gear and get a less problematic headpiece such as the circlets which are also useful for forcing down hoods while still showing the Character's face and hair or the ear piece which is very subtle.

  24. After doing the mountain fight on a female character I got to say he is a lot bigger when you aren't a guy.

  25. What is this even from? I am going to assume agent or a really obscure side quest since I have never met a keth before.

  26. Yeah, those flips are sick as hell imagine those being used in combat animations.

  27. I always liked Quinn's description of light side sith warrior. As someone who roots out the empire's corruption. It actually falls in line with my personal ideas of the light side sith Warrior cutting away at the empire's imperfections till it becomes something much better. Which is going to be extremely difficult because sith be sith. The light side loyalist sees the empire as their home and wants it to be better which isn't too different from what the Republic characters do.

  28. This is from the 7.1.1 update notes or however they called it.

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