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  1. Looks like all private land around there. Didn’t see a decent entry point.

  2. Report on that, drove by this many times and always wanted to investigate. Water at base looks very nice.

  3. Rather poor communications strategy, their product/market mix is pretty decent and the store has been busy when I've been in.... Need a better comms person...

  4. Only saw two - flying south, close together and fairly low.

  5. There’s a Starbucks coffee cup in every several scenes of Fight Club.

  6. Rancatores is a great local chain with awesome frappes! Also love Cabot’s, usually any independent ice cream chain will have killer frappes. I also love shake shacks shakes but obviously not a Boston exclusive.

  7. Problem with Rancs is that they often have the callebaut chocolate but nothing darker, so you have to add chocolate fudge to the milkshake to make it chocolatier...

  8. Technically, Fribbles and frappes aren't the same thing. Frappes are what the rest of the world calls milkshakes (ice cream, milk, syrup) but Fribbles were ice milk, milk, and syrup. I worked at Friendly's about two decades ago so I can't be sure if anyone there ever told me exactly what ice milk was and what made it different from ice cream, but I recall it being less creamy, only came in vanilla (or at least one flavor that was white in color), and I believe it was lower fat.

  9. The "modern" Friendlies make fribbles with ice cream. I had one and it was undrinkable.

  10. FWIW, it's after three days that fasting gets much easier for me. The first couple of days my body is burning stored stuff, then it starts wanting glucose, then it gets easy.

  11. So true. I totally get wanting to avoid the headache of defending why you're not eating/drinking to others in your social circle. I think that most people find it odd that you don't want to eat, especially if it's an event revolving around food.

  12. I often have to break for events. There are a lot of interesting discussions, however, when I do tell people I haven't eaten anything in several days.

  13. Me too - hump day and I'm taking minimal electrolytes to see how my body does...

  14. @ 52 hours there's noting "generic" you need to worry about. As long as your system can handle it, there shouldn't be anything off limit. That said, we all have different body chemistries so your results may vary.

  15. Look at fasting as a time machine where you get extra time to work on anything back. Schedule tasks at meal time to get done and look at it as a benefit.

  16. They recently announced that they decided not to because they increased stipends for PhD students by a whole 2.5% for inflation (which is 9%). Currently students only het $10 off a month only during the school year

  17. I can't wait until the "me too" movement blows up Phd programs. They have to be the most toxic environments in academia...

  18. Nope, this is not a thing. Also, almost no one buys "cases" anymore...

  19. A lot of people seem to drink before they go boating...

  20. Bullshit. Drop Bears kill at least twice as many people per year as cassowaries. Stop spouting drivel.

  21. Drop bears can ride cassowaries and it's horrific -

  22. Seems this model was also called the P4 at some point in time, though if it's a custom shop build, it's likely that you won't find another quite like it.

  23. It seems to have a fancier headstock than most of the custom shop stuff and the mother of pearl logo seems to be nicer. Maybe a P4 Deluxe but from something more than the regular custom shop?

  24. I was fine. No problems and had normal bowel movements. I've been eating anything and everything since with 13 hour intermittent fasting. The bone broth actually gave me immediate diarrhea so I had an egg instead. Then another. Then another. The the chicken fettuccine and so on. My body never told me to stop so I just listened and kept going. Might be different for you.

  25. I've ended my 5 days with chicken parm and pizza... so never had an issue but 30 days is quite the time. How did you manage your electrolytes? I have a hard time spreading them out...

  26. I did 3 days of no electrolytes to see how I'd feel then slowly reintroduced small amounts until I felt fine. Ended up being about a 6th of the recommended wiki amounts. I did this because I was starting to get pissed at how much electrolytes the wiki suggested and it felt wrong so I just did it myself.

  27. Thanks, I agree with you that it seems like too much electrolytes and I have a harder time trying to make myself take them than I seem to feel without them, so I've started taking them when I feel down or like my body seems to be asking for them.

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