1. Didn't like it so much, finishing it up putting it in my body lotion occasionally. Tried minimalist, started seeing results in a week.

  2. It worked for my hyperpigmentation but the mandelic acid in the formulation caused peeling after tretinoin nights. It was embarrassing to have peeling skin during an important meeting.

  3. Od on hydration in the mornings, follow with a gentle scrub or oil cleanse, it helps with tret flaking for me

  4. Sometimes the MRP of meds is listed higher than the actual MRP printed on the strip, then "reduced" by discounts etc. Check when ordering.

  5. Can you please tag it as NSFW or some TW? Not everyone wants to see hair like this!

  6. I would if I remembered to. Please consider however, ideally before leaving a comment like this next time, that actively going through what's happening in such pictures, be it with skin or hair, could be quite a shock to the person posting, and much more triggering than anything you're experiencing as a witness. You don't seriously expect someone to remember hashtags and trigger warnings when asking for help while they're going through a potentially traumatic event? Your comment is really inconsiderate. Scroll past sometimes.

  7. How do you know that the person scrolling through is not going through a similar thing and does not have the courage to post and ask others? How do you know it's not triggering for them?

  8. No one going through something like this would find the time to attack someone simply sharing their own experience. Don't have the headspace for your kind of energy, blocking. Mods hopefully recognize a bully when they see one.

  9. I use the Inkey List Oat Cleansing Balm and it does leave a very light film behind that washes off easily with my second cleanser. It melts away the thickest waterproof eyeliners as well as layers and layers of sunscreen.

  10. Go to a dermat, it's not worth it experimenting with actives if you don't know a lot about them. A good derm will be able to.get to the root of.the problem and figure a simple straightforward route out for you.

  11. I currently use Amber Rose for Ajmal. It is good for winters. Long lasting and good projection

  12. This must be really not perfume per say but i tried Pahadi local rose oil and its awesome.

  13. I tried this, it was awful. It's a powdery, chalky rose that tends to linger unwantedly opposed to the jammy scent I was hoping for.

  14. I tried this, it was awful. It's a powdery, chalky rose that tends to linger unwantedly opposed to the jammy scent I was hoping for.

  15. Hey, love this post, thank you!!! Just checking in to see if you're still using the above rated sunscreens or if you have found new ones that are physical instead if chemical? Looking for a NON MICRONIZED physical suncream, ideally waterproof

  16. Could I buy a decanr of this in Mumbai? Any idea where?

  17. Ordered Aveeno daily moisturising lotion on first cry because my previous bottle was close to empty. So glad I still had the older bottle though because what I got from firstcry was this awful watery mess inside the original bottle. Someone had literally emptied half the bottle and watered down the product! I managed to get a full refund after 2 weeks only because I had a video comparing the two and you could clearly see the difference in the consistency of the products. Never shopping on firstcry again.

  18. I always had a good experience with foxy, reading all these comments I am hesitant to place my next order there :(

  19. I have been waiting for my order for two weeks now and Customer Service will simply not allow me to cancel or call me back when requested. Cant get a refund until order is delivered and no one knows where it is. Awful, never shopping with them again.

  20. This isn't really uncommon as it is being made over here. And also this is in the north of Oman where it is mountainous. This is the same as Fujairah in the UAE. And this is what happens when water runs down slopes.

  21. You have a point, but the UAEs own weather department acknowledges that what they received last week was their highest rainfall record for 27 years. Combine that with the volcanoes in Iceland this week, heatwaves in EU, floods in central US and likely so many other weather abnormalities that aren't being discussed and you have a dangerous trend. Climate change denial is a slippery slope to nowhere, no pun intended

  22. Could it possibly be climate change? Kind of ironic that an oil producing Emirate is paying the price in this way

  23. It's hard to say, research in the region is tightly controlled by the governments and barely accessible. Cloud seeding was voiced as a factor but dismissed, believably in my opinion. They wouldn't try to flood their own countries. I would go with, its possibly climate change, but really hope they open borders to academia and climate journalists so everyone can have a more nuanced understanding.

  24. I appreciate this post, I'd like to add though posting this is an an echo chamber of possible feminists isn't as helpful. I've noticed women stay quiet in situations where they should speak up, even on anonymous forums like reddit. I really wish more women and allies just spoke up when they saw Bullshit on subs here even if it meant getting downvoted into oblivion. I do tend to see all conversation as an opportunity for connection, and I think its possible to effect change even through these mediums as long as the seed of an idea is sown.

  25. If that's the case, i define it as having traditional manly attributes

  26. The only scumbag artists I'm ok supporting are the dead ones, that guarantees they're not making money off of me.

  27. It's a question I ask myself occasionally, I really don't know and don't even know if it's right to ask anyone else. One one hand Iam worried about why should I let society decide what being a man is? One the other hand the world is full of great people whose opinion I should atleast consider once.

  28. I think there are a lot of interesting questions even in your answer. Example why cynical when masculinity is equated with masc'ty defined as being a good person acc to society? What about yourself ir society makes you feel cynical particularly?

  29. I hope you live with love and support no matter how you decide to identify ♥️

  30. You did great by sharing it though! I hope you continue to talk about it

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