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  1. You get bonus points if mention how the voices in your head have made you a better pilot!

  2. My voices do a great job of alerting me to imaginary traffic.

  3. Just did a o-320 for 24K, but that included a 160HP STC.

  4. I had a deer jump in front of the plane on June 12, so prop strike tear down, took about 2 weeks to get it to the shop. Since we had 1700 hours on the engine and 2 weak cylinders, we decided to do the MO. It’s coming back next week, hoping to be flying by the end of the month. So….8-10 weeks total.

  5. I have 2 on my list, the first was a family friend who was a bush pilot in the Yukon. He got into IMC and crashed due to fuel starvation. The other was a pilot at my father’s home airport who committed suicide by airplane. Flew it straight down into a corn field.

  6. Don’t know if it’s helped or not, but I’ve kept it on my resume for 41 years.

  7. I soloed in 18 hours. Completed ground school and passed the PAR before my first lesson. I flew every day for 2 weeks, sometimes twice a day. Class Echo airport with very little traffic.

  8. Run until you find a CFI with actual experience.

  9. The experience isn’t the issue as all CFIs have to start somewhere. The attitude is the main problem here. Never trash a student to another student. What kind of precedent would that set? He’s obviously going to trash anyone that doesn’t fit his idea of a good student.

  10. The moment he said he didn’t want new students with zero hours would have sent me to the door. This guy doesn’t want to teach and probably doesn’t know how to.

  11. My FBO sells at cost + margin. The price only changes when they refill the tanks.

  12. Consider talking to a lawyer and pursue having your record expunged.

  13. Expunging doesn’t mean anything. The FAA form asks “have you ever…”

  14. While it’s a matter of some legal debate, expungement allows you to answer “no”, unless the question specifically asks about expungements.

  15. There’s an online, live, instructor led ground school that

  16. Third vote for checkrideprep. I got 97% on my PAR.

  17. Do they teach you to emote when you say, “would you like fries with that?”

  18. Could have simply been a cow that didn’t live right. It happens.

  19. Let me guess, you got your first blowjob too…..and you still can’t get the taste out of your mouth.

  20. There’s no comparable statistical database for car wrecks, bankruptcies, drownings, murders, ski accidents, etc.

  21. You need to adjust your numbers a little…there’s only approximately 700,000 certified pilots in the US of all ratings.

  22. I know I’m a bit slow, but what does service connected mean in this context?

  23. Military disabilities. I worded it in a way in hopes that only veterans would respond.

  24. It really depends what your disabilities are. Make an appointment with an AME for a consultation, not a physical and discuss the issues with him/her.

  25. Dude, you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. This is rural Michigan, there’s no reasonable way to guarantee that deer won’t be in vicinity of the runway.

  26. I’ve had a Avid Armor UVS32 for a couple years now, probably ran 500+ bags thru it, it’s been bulletproof.

  27. My CFI, who also happens to be my brother:

  28. I have no risk concerning the 3rd class renewal. Renewing is just a matter of timing, as I can’t get in to see my GP for the basicmed until August and my 3rd expires 7/31.

  29. My SI is issued one year at a time, even if I get Third Class. The letter authorizing the AME to do the AME Assisted Special Issuance annually is good for five years. My Medical says “not valid for any class” effective 12 months after issue. After 12 months my Second Class does not become Third…

  30. Mine reads the same. I will be getting my basicmed in August, but I want to renew the 3rd. Really just wondering if OKC can be trusted when sending the paperwork to them.

  31. I’ve worn hearing aids since I was 16 (58 now). It has never been an issue for my 3rd class medical.

  32. Oh man, he let you know it was "the day.." I stopped talking about "the day" a couple lessons before I realized my student was about ready to solo. When I knew it was "the day" I'd ask them for their logbook while they pre-flighted "because I needed to make sure I signed their last flight correct" while I was whipping up their solo endorsement. I'd give them their logbook back and we'd go do a couple maneuvers I already knew they were solid at to build confidence, then we'd go beat up the pattern for a couple laps. After a couple good landings, while on downwind I'd be like "hmm.. weird... do you see what's wrong?" They'd be looking over everything not seeing anything out of the ordinary and I'd say "it's all good, just pull onto the ramp after we land we'll talk about it." Then they'd land and pull off and I'd ask them the same thing and they'd be looking over everything even harder, not finding anything wrong, and I'd just be like "dude I'm in the plane that's what's wrong, go do a couple laps CYAAAAAAAAA!!!!"

  33. Turns out my CFI is actually my younger brother, so he’s had his fun with me too.

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