1. LMAO tbh is not the first time this user shows an inmature attitude so I'm not so surprised 💀 the set doesn't even follow the include 6 skintones rule, obviously he's in the wrong.

  2. if he plans to get bottom surgery and you don't think you'd be attracted to him anymore after that, don't pursue it. this is a real tough topic but i get where youre coming from and feel lie the best thing to do is not pursue anything.

  3. Calorie deficit I was 228 pounds end of January and I hit 150 pounds about two months ago

  4. Put as much effort as you can in to not looking at it. Lots of willpower. you can also try to like, associate it with gross feelings. look at vore and eat something you hate, do it every day like that, eventually you might also hate the vore

  5. at least show them properly to criticize 😭😭 put the back hair behind the head

  6. Cos was being an asshole reporting, however designers don't have it out for sosjet in specific, I promise. We complain daily about how copyright rules are not enforced and how unfair it is for one person to be denied for one thing and another to get through doing the absolute same thing. I don't know why that situation in specific got so hostile (sosjet literally has open DMS) but no one involved was upset at her. They were more upset about the lack of rule enforcement. In the creator clubs i have seen 4+ posts about similar things, not even related to sosjet. It's not just her.

  7. Yah but the designerz who attacked her had pokemon setz and monster high setz themselves. They also stole designz from brandz like gucci an shi an used em in their star setz, they no better than her. Popovy didn ask 4 anythin special an they only had a basic copyright statement, 1 that gucci, mh and pokemon also doez yet those setz never got this much backlash

  8. The second part is annoying, however a lot of the first is misinformed. they weren't being hypocritical really -- the Pokemon and monster high sets are stardust, which you cannot make money for. her limited set was going to be stars, which are direct profit. a stardust set is basically equivalent to Fanart on terms of laws AND the designs were bootlegged so that they weren't even copyright applicable anymore. the sosjet set was a direct 1:1 copy of the popovy set, and for stars, hence the problem.

  9. Nah srry I have 2 disagree cuz there r zo many designer copy items(gucci, balenciaga, prada bags etc) those same creators sold for stars, thats the same shi cuz most star sets of those creators r %100 copies of outfits real designers made in runways n they never credited those designers like sosjet did.

  10. You are not a designer, you have no idea what sets we talk about. I promise we are also upset about those.

  11. Because designers have no spine and accept anything because they don't want to reject due to "style." This whole creator voting needs to go.

  12. I really dislike the person who made the item and reward for this current competition. Something about her gives me bad vibes.

  13. same, like i love her designs, really but it's strange, she makes me feel uncomfortable :/

  14. She's one of those sort of infantilized e-girls. Her aesthetic is all plushies, anime, pink and yet she's a full grown adult. She says things like "I'm poyo!" and uses kaomojis and japanese in all of her accounts despite not being Asian. It's uncomfortable :I

  15. you're a healthy weight. I'm your size and 60 pounds heavier and i don't even think i look that fat and i am, medically. you're fine. Get a therapist because you're absolutely mentally ill and you deserve to love your body

  16. Lapine comments on posts saying that she is actively working to ban and mute users. Kurat is still in charge of the creator club. Small things like this give a lot away. I think paaradox has power too. I can't be certain but I'm like 92% sure paaradox has admin power

  17. yeah we really need to know who the mods are bec wtf

  18. Lapine, kurat, triteleia, parrot obviously. Fxnk potentially (appears to not have admin Permissions but does and says things that seems like they do) and most users in their "friends" sections on their profile

  19. I thought they were relieved of their duties a while ago?

  20. No. they were relieved of the pressure of having an "Admin" badge. it's absurd how many people didn't understand that post, lol. When you contact support, you get replies from "triteleia" or "Tori" (real name), "kurat" etc. fxnk still has the rule of conduct forum signature which is suspicious to me for a non administrator to have. but they were not relieved of their duties. they just don't help or have perms on their personal accounts

  21. I don't think you're too young to date, but please don't online! Seriously. Been there done that, really similar situation to you. I still love all my online friends (I'm 18 now and I've known them since i was 11) but I regret everyone I dated online. Really high risk of pedophiles and such!

  22. Personally, I think boring sets are okay. my problem comes from the ones that are clearly low quality.

  23. i have seen designers having 2 lower their shading down or else it won’t go thru but idk if thts da reason why

  24. No, I've noticed it's a lot of too much shading, too little, whatever. i don't have any reason to believe it's due to rules, I just think that the site owners have began to get lazy with their acceptances.

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