1. If it is on time and not super crowded, I'm okay with public transportation.

  2. Planning on getting the 12 days of Beermas Advent Calendar from Whiprsnapr.

  3. Eating Pizza from Pizza Nerds always makes me happy.

  4. Where are Pizza Nerds located, and what sets them apart from the rest?

  5. Pizza Nerds is on Bank Street near the 417.

  6. The new city council should have had the opportunity to hire the new police chief. We need someone who is open, honest, empathetic, and willing to put in the work to restore faith between residents and the Ottawa Police.

  7. 'Strongly recommending' masks is not even a close second to mandating masks.

  8. Why doesn't the media write more articles on the actual victims of the convoy instead of the people who participated in it? All of these grifters have nearly reached celebrity status because of endless articles like these.

  9. Ontario's chief medical officer said they aren't ruling out a mask mandate not that they're implementing one and the clownvoy is like let's protest at Parliament Hill again. They don't listen and clearly don't understand how federal-provincial jurisdiction works. Really hope the police shut them immediately down if Bauder's messaging amounts to anything.

  10. Housing affordability is becoming a hot-button issue making it harder for politicians at all levels of government to ignore. I don't think we'll see any immediate solutions in the short term but maybe it'll look better in a few years.

  11. If I was a magic mayor for a day I'd want make housing more affordable and improve public transit so commuters can rely on it to go to work.

  12. I definitely agree with a lot of the points here. As cities grow, we should definitely look into the constraints on housing supply and try to create more types of density housing like high-rises, mid-rises, duplexes, and triplexes.

  13. Have you been to Toronto, Montreal or Calgary?

  14. Have you ever been to a mall in city or town smaller than Ottawa? I don't think you'd have that perspective if you been to more malls outside of Canada's biggest cities.

  15. NTA, you shouldn't have to walk on eggshells around him because of his jealousy. You are entitled to your privacy and he should trust you.

  16. If Jim and other senior Ottawa police officers want to build trust with the community again, they should own up to how they handled the convoy instead of constantly being defensive.

  17. I’m sure a proportion of them shared the same ideology, but I don’t think it’s fair to paint the entire force with one broad stroke.

  18. If it wasn't clear already, it is becoming increasingly clear that the Ottawa Police has a right-wing bias. Especially with everything that is coming out in the Emergencies Act Inquiry.

  19. No, the Notwithstanding clause shouldn't exist and using it for union busting is particularly despicable.

  20. Explore your neighbourhood, and explore the city. See where that trail near you goes or take the bus/LRT to a part of town you haven't been to before. There are too many places to list.

  21. If McKenny becomes Mayor, I hope that helps non-binary folks feel represented in politics. Although, I also think it is good that McKenney themselves isn't focused on making history. Instead, they're focused on the most important issues and that is why they'd make the best mayor out of all the candidates in this race.

  22. I'm probably going to get downvoted for this, but what's the legality around live trapping roaming cats and bringing them to the humane society?

  23. Well.. cat owners could not put their cats outside and let them roam. Cat leashes are a thing too so they can take their cat for a walk.

  24. If TUPOC had incontrovertible proof then they should have submitted it as evidence. They didn't do that because they're a bunch of con artists with a persecution complex.

  25. Shows what you know! Only an absolute fool, an utter moron like you, would think presenting evidence in a court of law as a defendant during a case literally to prove you were treated unfairly was the smart play.

  26. They tried to present their evidence in court as a 'gotcha' moment tactic but it got turned down by the judge because it wasn't correctly submitted. I don't think their lawyer understands basic legal concepts like discovery.

  27. Congrats on making a friend! Lots of cool hidden gems hidden throughout the city.

  28. Oftentimes, people say 'no offense' after saying something rude or disrespectful. It is meant to soften the blow from the comment but rarely does. People who say 'no offense' often should think before they speak.

  29. You'd have to do some research first and see how many people from Kanata and Orleans commute to Quebec and vice versa. I fear they wouldn't get used nearly as much as the bridges located in the centre of the city. I think going all in on public transit would be a better way to deal with congestion.

  30. The only time I felt unsafe in Ottawa was at the height of the convoy in February. Homelessness is definitely visible throughout the city and I think some people equate that with feeling unsafe. I really wish people weren't like that.

  31. It's disappointing to see that they resorted to insulting the guy for giving a bad review. Their overall Google score is 4.7 so one bad review shouldn't upset them that much. Pettiness is never a good look.

  32. I used to deal with servers bringing back broken glass in bus tubs when I was a dishie. It is clearly a tactic to avoid blame for breaking the glass in the first place. Keep complaining about it every time you see it.

  33. When I was a dishie and started a shift where the dish pit was a complete mess, my trick was to always wash the biggest items first, even if they were buried under a pile of smaller dishes.

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