1. I shot Canon from 2005 until 2019, when I switched over to Fuji. Haven't looked back since. I now shoot with an X-Pro3 and it's quite the brilliant camera and would certainly recommend it.

  2. Bought Olympus Pro 12-40 2.8 listed as BGN. When I received it, there was a bit of a gouge in the barrel. About 1/4 inch or so length. Depth was basically negligible. For someone picky, yeah I would imagine that would have ruined the “lens experience.” But the lens was absolutely fine in function and appearance. Very clean, no other visible marks. The risky lenses to watch out for are the ones naked UGLY and AS IS. The Uglies will function fine. The AS IS a lenses may not work at all especially if they are chipped lenses. Consider AS IS a lenses basically as Parts Only.

  3. I once bought an "Ugly" Mamiya 80mm f/1.9 from them. It had lots of haze and fungus, the focus was very stiff, and eventually seized and was very dirty and grimey. I did buy it with the expectation of putting some work into it, so no big deal, but yes, their Ugly lenses is where you start to get risky.

  4. Never. I've bought many "Bargain" items from them and all have been excellent. Their rating system is VERY conservative, and Bargain stuff is at least equal, if not significantly better, gear than what you typically see in places like

  5. LensRentals is as legit as it gets. Their used gear division used to be known as LensAuthority, but they recently consolidated it into one brand. Several years ago I bought a Fuji 23/1.4 and Fuji 50-140/2.8 from them and both were in fantastic condition. Very quick service and very helpful bunch. Definitely recommend.

  6. biggest difference is that it has newest firmware which improved continuous AF/tracking/face-detection performance, and has Classic Negative film simulation. If you don't care about that, then the OG x-t30 is an excellent buy. 12K actuations is nothing.

  7. Thanks! Would the face detection be helpful for taking photos of sports/animals? Not sure whether to spend the extra money with the initial outlay on the camera or the lenses

  8. sports, might help a bit, i suppose, but even the best X-Trans IV cameras won't have great face-detect for fast moving subjects like sports. Acceptable but not great. I would use either Single-point or Zone focus for this. There is no animal detection at all.

  9. As a portrait lens, it's phenomenal. I've loved

  10. My man just buried the Spanglish announce team, 6 feet under.

  11. My first GPU, an EVGA 560Ti, had 1GB of VRAM, which was respectable in 2011.

  12. I usually shoot in manual, SP or AP. Should I feel bad if I shoot some stuff in auto mode? I've got friends who do and other friends who think it's sacrilege to do so. Just wanted to gather some impartial thoughts. Thanks

  13. lol sorry Turok is an ancient game where you're in the jungle hunting dinosaurs, and this reminded me of that. I'm very old. lol

  14. You're right, it is. The sound is happening because the lubrication is getting old and gummed up. Adding new oil without cleaning out the old one will clear this temporarily, but will cause more damage later. Also you'd be adding oil blindly and with uncertain amounts, so it will now get into places it's not supposed to go and damage other parts. I recently saw a thread of a person who did this "fix", and now the shutter curtain is soaked in oil.

  15. They're basically the exact same camera, but with the features you mentioned, plus a static LCD. The only thing you'd be sacrificing, if it matters to you, is the potential to use a Battery Grip.

  16. if it's been in the freezer since then, it'll be nearly perfect. I'd have zero problems shooting it. I've shot Provia 100 from that era that was badly stored and the scans were quite good after some color correction.

  17. Are you a chemist? If so, there's probably some kind of guide online to get a barely usable result.

  18. Even I seem to face this problem . It looks very bad on my pc not sure what’s the problem

  19. Make sure HDR is set to off and you can also do AA on the Nvidia Control panel/AMD software. That really improved mine.

  20. I used to own the 6DII and have worked with the RP, and tbh, there is nearly nothing the RP can do that almost any Fuji X-Trans IV camera can't do better. Hell, even the older X-Trans III cameras have better sensors. The only advantage it has is slightly better high-ISO noise, but that's kinda it. Personally, I can't think of a reason to keep the RP.

  21. Wait, so an X-T20 WITH the 23/1.4 for $650? That's a DAMN good price... suspiciously so...

  22. Well I can go check it in person apparently, so I don’t think it’s a scam. But I’m also surprised because that seems like a low price and it’s been there for a while

  23. if you can check it and everything is good, then that's a hell of a steal. I'd jump on that real quick.

  24. From a performance standpoint, the X-T30II and X-T3 are identical. The more professional features of the X-T3, like weather resistance, better build quality, dual card slots, 1/8000 max shutter may prove more beneficial to you than the extra Film Simulation the X-T30II offers.

  25. My first cameras were an Canon Powershot S2 IS and Canon AE-1 Program, back in 2005. Then I sold the Powershot for a Canon 30D and kept that one for a little over 10 years. I now shoot with a Fujifilm X-Pro3.

  26. I get what you’re saying and I understand your frustration. From you perspective it certainly can look like women are not treated equally.

  27. there have been no rumors of another one coming out, and there is no knowledge on what the specs are.

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