1. I hate MHA with a passion, but this is ridiculous. Can't even get a post anymore where 90% of the comments aren't slander. Dude you don't have to keep watching something you hate. I think most of us here just aren't the target age demographic anymore.

  2. I am pretty sure there arent watching the show but rather than wasting their time slandering. Let's be honest 100+ episodes is pretty long, it feels like it moves slow, and the show is actually quite old now.

  3. what is this 2014. Why are people here still shitting on SAO 10 years later? Do people seriously don't have a life, and not caught up to date. If it wasn't for SAO, you probably wouldn't be getting Lycoris, Engage Kiss, Solo Leveling.

  4. Yea, people just aren't satisfied with a great anime and wanna spread shit

  5. sao season 1 made a1 2.5 billion yen. IT was the reason why A1 became a top studio to begin with, and attracts the best talent. yet there is always some moron who keeps on saying sao ruined a1, anime, japan, etc. Just like how there are so many stupid people on

  6. These are from Ewok Village 10236. I built it once but took it apart shortly after so it's been in storage bins in a closet for most of it's life. I pulled it out hoping to create a Forest Hideout type of MOC and these all crumbled like Doritos. I'm worried the others will too. You think they will replace all my brown plates? They definitely feel brittle.

  7. Danmachi being in its 4th season means it's unlikely to get new watchers (since they would first have to find the time to watch the previous 3 seasons), so the fact that its karma remains steady after 3 episodes is proof of how good it's been so far.

  8. overlord is on its 4th season/cour. Danmachi is not that long. it is just not prevalent in the merch scene much and on a less mainstream platform. plus jc staff name tends to sing

  9. I totally agree! Using " " for small was to emphasize that their response is bullshit!

  10. i am pretty sure them not paying their creators well is what led re zero staff to go to a1 pictures, etc and why re zero anime is in limbo. Now that I think about it, I think a lot of creators nowadays just use kadokawa to get to more prestigious production committees such as Aniple. e.g. Tappei, Maruto, Tsunako, etc

  11. Redo of Healer s2 let's fucking GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  12. more seasonal one offs like osamake, hensuki, harem in the labyrinth, nobody demon lord. Not throwing shade at fans of those shows. But let's be honest, kadokawa rarely takes a show a to like 4+ cours unless it has massive fandom support.

  13. Gundam fans criticise the franchise more than anyone else tbh.

  14. western gundam fans also wished the seed writer died from her illness. Also if you say one thing bad about Gundam IBO, you will get death threats. Overall the western gundam fanbase is one of the most toxic fandoms you will ever meet

  15. Hey the fact that disney ruin in many ways with the last triology of main movies doesnt mean that all of star wars fans are toxic.

  16. Not all but nowadays most of them seem to be unsatisfied with like most of what comes out. At least the vocal ones.

  17. I thought white queen's shipping was high, ( basically her figure price). I would talk to customer service if they can cancel for you since you underestimated shipping. It is still covid so they shouldnt really ban you.

  18. What do you mean it’s gonna take a long time for the anime to catch up to the manga? Unless you’re talking about the 4 chapters that recently came out lol. There’s an extremely high chance that they’re gonna adapt all of part 1 at once. It’s only 97 chapters and A LOT of the chapters have mostly action in it with minimal dialogue

  19. mappa only adapted 62 chapters of jujutsu kaisen in 24 episodes. Those aren't particularly long either. We are still waiting for jujutsu kaisen season 2 but the manga is already at chapter 192 which is equivalent to 6 cours if they don't rush things. Mappa is juggling AOT, Jujutsu, and Chainsaw man.

  20. Both series have 19-20 page chapters. It’s not the length of the chapter but the content. Some of the Chainsawman chapters could be read in like 1 min and would take barely any screen time.

  21. I am aware of that. They cant half ass thr action tho. mappa likely isnt going to just drop jjk too focus on chainsaw. Not to mention aot. The gap between jjk season 1 and 2 feels greater than demon slayer 1 and 2. Plus they started part 2 and by the time they get to third coue, he probably finiah part 2.

  22. Proably no point now that the birthday sales are over and fre shipping to canada is gone

  23. Happy engage kiss managed to crack top 10. Thought it was forever doomed out of top 10

  24. Breaking out of a bad first impression is terribly difficult. It should have easily been in the top 3.

  25. Kind of sucks engage kiss isnt getting figure company offers whereas lycoris is right now.

  26. Can’t wait to play Fake Hero with some bum’s boxers showing like Jaden intended.

  27. the entire franchise I believe at this point already got licensed with right stuff/nozomi so I don't think think Crunchyroll can slap its label onto it. But it might give crunchyroll the rights to stream the entire franchise, but I think that was agreed upon a while ago. It has taken forever, and there may be some things left off. 0080, 0083, 08th, stargazer, after war, age, turn a, victory, thunderbolt are on neither funimation nor crunchyroll. I have the UC and cosmic era blu rays

  28. I love gundam! But yeah it's a small crowd that likes it and it's not popular among younger people here. I doubt there's gonna be any more extravagant box sets. :( I know they'll take good care of dirty pair and revolutionary girl utena. Those where always popular and experiance popularity resurgence often.

  29. They did add artbooks and a bunch of random stuff to the g and 00 ones but i think the seed and destiny ones having the sd versions, ova (not compilation) episodes, along with thr artbooks set them apart. Since most people would rather get the cheaper regular release and ignore the extra sruff unless there were exclusive episodes or versions.

  30. Yeah, it’s kind of a no win scenario. Especially for new stuff I find the price between rightstuf and Amazon equal out the same when shipping costs are applied.

  31. Guess you cannot take rightstuf sales for granted anymore. They probably wont be coming back. I am pretty sure that massive birthday sale was them preparing for an acquisition

  32. Knew it was a bad sign when free shipping to Canada died. But now this…

  33. Glad i took advantage of their birthday and other sales with free shippung this year for canada for some exclusive blu ray bundlea. Probably wont be able to get other stuff again since without free shipping or sales, you are better off buying from amazon

  34. It will probably happen to coincide with that seed movie. They just take long to develop

  35. Didnt expect this one coming. Probably should have due to rightstuf with aniplex+, decreased disc sales, more clearances. I do wonder if they will be lenient on sales

  36. Ecchi isnt a genre in regular english tv. It is a largely a "genre" exclusively used by foreigners. Similiar to how isekai isnt used for english tv but for anime it has becone a synonym for fantasy.

  37. Gundam fans hate like 90% of all aus and are extremely hostile to one another. They also have beef with mechas like evangelion. There are constant au wars between seed, 00, and ibo. Basically as toxic as the star wars fandom.

  38. Most people dont take care of their instructions so doesnt matter to me. But i dont think the cost cutting is leading to cheaper prices

  39. Trying to get thru the franchise is like trying to get thru one piece. A huge tine hassle

  40. While not strictly speaking 'disappeared', I always think of how Ueda Kana has shockingly few big roles. She has one absolutely colossal role (Rin Tohsaka from Fate and Rin-faces (Ishtar/Ereshkigal) from FGO), but other than that... almost nothing of note.

  41. Ueda is in re zero and toaru. She is definitely notable name. Even someone like misuzu togashi who hasnt had many new roles in years but is origami from date a live has still a fairly decent resume.

  42. Yuto and yugo's from yugioh arc vas were twins and basically did just there only role for 150 episode series and instantly retired. Heck a lot of yugioh voice actors have very few to no credentials.

  43. 90% of shows wont get a sequel after 1 or 2 cours. You have to be a big series from a big publisher and/or at franchise level. This is going to be the outcome of most of the seasonals. The greater the gap, the smaller the chance. So dont expect a continuation for a lot of your series.

  44. The reporter was great in telling how people pass away. Not sure how close is to real life statistics

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