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Everything is better with a good hug

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  1. No its a way easy way to relax and be calm yeah im high asf yo lol

  2. Take a grinder to the bud. Find a filter and roll the filter up. Fold the paper you are using down to where you can put the bud in. Put your filter in the left side. Take your grinder and pour the bud into the paper. Gently roll it with your right thumb while holding the filter and other side with your other thumb. Slowly roll it so it’s even and then start tucking your fold into the other side of the bud. From there go to the right side and try and roll it up like you are rolling up a paper to yell something out of it. Then when you get it nice and rolled up start on the right side and only lick the little sticky side and then seal with your lips. Seal from right to left. Dry the joint by running a lighter over it rapidly and boom you have a joint. Rinse and repeat that like 5 times before you actually smoke it to get a good joint. I promise you the better you get at it the higher and longer it’ll last.

  3. I eat anything that I can think of but sometimes I over do it and the next day I always regret it

  4. The first mission Black Tuesday i think its best in my opinion

  5. Yo we talking heroine or weed in a chocolate? It has no physical withdrawals, so watch Netflix or something and don’t think about it chill

  6. Drink lots of water and do some walking helps to get calmed down.

  7. I wouldn’t be worried. She can enjoy something from the past and it not have an impact on the future. Maybe ask some questions about what she liked so much about it to figure out what you can do to make it enjoyable between the two of you.

  8. Often times it happens when you least expect it. Try not to stress yourself out over it the time will come just live your life

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