1. Kiyo would win, since it's probably Superman who's travelled dimensions to come to Kiyo's world, but he won't have any powers since Kiyo's world doesn't have superpowers, so basically Clark C*nt is a normal human being, so Kiyo neggs the poor reporter guy who's wife slept with Batman

  2. he doesnt have t-rex thats why he cant be just like ayanokouji fr

  3. If this Kōji still remained, he's definitely would've had a harem canonically

  4. The real reason why kiyo chose ke-

  5. Legends say he smelled the pink pantsu and traced Ibuki by the scent

  6. Wanna get your hymen broken by me? Kushida had gotten that done too.

  7. Horikita's trained in karate, pretty sure it's broken it already

  8. Saitama getting arrested on suspicion of being a pedophile, for hanging out with Tatsumaki

  9. why though? did she shave it or she never had one or still growing fr

  10. Being bullied again , Probably need to change boyfriend time to time , end up Drop out because everyone know her secret , May become hikikomori or worse Suicide after what happend in her life

  11. She's literally still hung up on him, it's been almost an year

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