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  1. There you go posting a picture of you wading with roe, proving not even this sub is immune to roe v. wade memes.

  2. I would really like to see a planet that Ego has entire consumed hatch a celestial. It’d fit perfectly with all the old pop-culture throwbacks of the Guardians franchise in basically recreating the chest-burster scene from Alien.

  3. It’s very loosely paraphrasing a line from MLK’s “I have a dream” speech.

  4. You don’t choose the nugg life, the nugg life chooses you.

  5. I’ve never heard of a college that uses a grade scale that goes above 4.0. This might be intended to reflect that in most cases 4.0 is the absolute maximum, so a 4.3 GPA wouldn’t make sense.

  6. The PC gaming industry took that statement personally, and battlestations have never been the same ever since.

  7. Of course this only leaves one course of action: live action Clone Wars.

  8. Legit question: has Matthew 19:24 ever been spoken aloud by a pastor of a megachurch?

  9. I really don’t like the kind of “centrism” depicted in this article. It’s just taking all of the most extreme aspects of woke identity politics that democrats lean into and combining those with the blatant pandering to the wealthy at the expense of the rest of the nation that republicans openly perpetuate. Taking the worst aspects of both parties and calling the combination thereof “moderate” feels like a straw man attack on moderates.

  10. Except that's what the politicians who get called moderates are really like.

  11. I agree. Moderate voters are not actually represented by “moderate” politicians. It’s hard to find an actual moderate within either political party, because the parties enforce their own respective ideologies too strongly. The closest you’ll find is democrats or republicans who don’t support the party line as strongly as their peers.

  12. For legal reasons I’m definitely not suggesting we fix that guy’s hair and swap him out with Xi.

  13. Breadbarian: Barbarian subset. Once per rest can use the skill Eat Emotions to consume 1 ration to replenish barbarian rages. This skill can be used anytime outside of combat.

  14. The folks who want to shill for a given country should be encouraged to expat there and really follow through on living by their convictions.

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