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Trevor Noah to Exit ‘Daily Show’ After Seven Years

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  1. Do you feel like working on the board game before the video game has released has been a distraction or are they mostly separate development teams?

  2. Imagine getting to buy and be around guns full time, but randos keep coming in asking you to sell them, and you have to do it to keep the lights on

  3. That's basically how my family started theirs. My uncle and grandfather used to do a lot of competition shooting. Slowly built up a really large collection, started getting tables at gun shows to buy/sell/trade. Eventually found it profitable enough to open a brick and mortar that's been in business longer than I've been alive.

  4. No. It’s thin metal. Bumped into it in gear just feeling for resistance.

  5. Can we just stop with all these old as fuck politicians that can't even use a smart phone and have their grandson come setup their cable box

  6. You'd think they'd understand breech loaders ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  7. I can only assume that someone associated with the defense, or maybe the judge, reminded him that any deal he made for his testimony would be void if he lied under oath. That's the only reason I can think of that the prosecutor put him on the stand, expecting him to say what he'd said previously, and then he didn't.

  8. But don't worry, he went on Good Morning America the next day and lied about his testimony.

  9. Based on this…the entire internet has a liberal bias, and we’re mostly white men too

  10. This isn't the entire internet, it's 6 websites that likely have a decent overlap in userbase. That's basically the point I'm making. These websites are not representative "samples" of society at large. They are communities with biases (or echo chambers?). That's why people on these websites are shocked when things like Trump beating Clinton happens, even though their echo chamber said it wasn't even close. Because these websites are not representative samples of society at large.

  11. The dem who DeSantis barely beat. He shortly after the election OD with a male prostetute. I think he might have been married at the time but not 100% sure. Also believe he was on cnn or msnbc. Florida was really close to being as bad as NY or Cali. Kind of scary.

  12. Yeah he was married at the time and still is last I heard. They try to focus on his infidelity in his recent interviews still sweeping the whole male hooker meth bender stuff under the rug.

  13. Hurricane recovery? Imagine the COVID lockdown we’d still be under!

  14. This prompted me to look up the location on Google Maps, and it looks as though the old fighting positions are still there:

  15. You can see the trench lines we ran dozers over and buried the Iraqis alive in instead of fighting trench warfare with them.

  16. Florida has a tax holiday for fuel starting yesterday.

  17. wasnt the farmers almanac first published in the 1700s? i imagine that that information was available even before it was published.

  18. Florida wasn’t even purchased from Spain until 1819

  19. I wonder if we could sell it back to them?

  20. Honestly it really doesn’t matter if you blocks are longer than your shortest train. The only thing you reeeeaallllyyy have to worry about is if a train is stopped somewhere that blocks an intersection, that can only be cleared by the train ahead of the one in the intersection getting blocked by the train behind it. Basically if you have turn around stations instead of a loop.

  21. Thompsons were expensive in their day. They were complex firearms that were difficult to manufacture. Considering the number of $500-800 ARs available today I have no doubt we'd see machine guns for under $1000 if it weren't for Hughes.

  22. My family had owned a gun store since the 80s. The difference between a semi auto and full auto AR15 was like $50 back in the day. It was just an optional feature.

  23. Upgrades, unlocks, tweaking stats, character customization, quests, exploration. It really is an RPG but you’re a truck instead of a wizard or rogue.

  24. Dude I was paying less for aviation fuel less than a year ago shits ridiculous.

  25. The difference between an actual leader in his prime and a nursing home patient who still forgets he’s not Obamas VP anymore

  26. Yeah I was about to say, this tornado looked way too large for Florida. Florida doesn’t really get large tornados, it gets a lot of small EF-1 tornadoes. There’s a reason Florida has the third most tornadoes but isn’t really “known” for its tornadoes. It’s cause their tiny and unnoticeable unlike Kansas or Oklahoma.

  27. Lot of waterspouts too you see em fairly often if you fish offshore

  28. We got reamed for 'making a gypsy camp' when we put a camouflage poncho on top of some sticks for our dug in mg position in our patrol base. This shit is absolutely ridiculous.

  29. I’ve had these thoughts as well. Along with the idea that there’s not a good reason to upgrade trains in later eras if you got the line optimized in an earlier era.

  30. It was a pagan holiday that the Early church commandeered to make it easier to convert the pagans. Hey no it’s cool, you still get Christmas, that was Jesus’s birthday!

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