1. Im not sure you could expect to have a better play than Jaylen. The only reason he doesnt take over is becausse of Tatum.

  2. You’re underrating Tatum. JB is not scoring nearly as efficiently if he received the attention that JT gets from opposing defenses. JB plays as well as he does because he’s the #2 option.

  3. KD had a better season at 33 than Dirk ever had though. Their age 33 seasons are world apart.

  4. I tend to agree. I feel like his game should age well enough that he could be an elite #2 option for the duration of his contract.


  6. I know, how dare Brad do his job and give us a better chance at a championship!?

  7. I mean both are opinions, my opinion is just based on the fact that KD is currently a better player than JB. What’s yours based on?

  8. I'm sorry but this sub has become so emotionally invested in not trading JB for KD that we're now overrating JB and severely underrating KD. JB played at an MVP level in the Finals?? If that was the case then we likely would have won the series.

  9. I'm not sure why you would compare the two unless you're drinking milkshakes with a meal which is typically a disgusting amount of calories.

  10. Why? You know why. You'd rather keep your home grown talent for obvious reasons (and I'd feel the same way in your shoes) but success is fleeting in the NBA. But the reporting sounds credible and there was no denial from your FO. Nets were trying to shake Scottie loose but that deal is believable IMO.

  11. Ja over JT? FOH Perk. Don’t lose your credibility big homie

  12. I work with quite a few people in their early 20’s why claim to be useless with any less than 9 hours of sleep. They think I’m mad for sleeping 5 on average after having 2 children lol.

  13. Got a 3 year old and 3 month old. Probably averaging 3-4 a night..

  14. Biased but I really see the Cs hitting 60 wins and the #1 seed. After the terrible start last year and the off-season additions, Ime’s gonna be all over these guys to show up early. I can see them having a regular season similar to last year Suns.

  15. He’s going to stay. He’s literally on the best team he can potentially be on right now.

  16. Guys, I’ve seen everything MCU EXCEPT the Netflix shows. Which should I start with?

  17. I think the Celtics are taking the crown from the Suns as the softest fans on Reddit lmao

  18. As a Cs fan - it's been a tough couple of days over there. Most of the sub is jumping through ridiculous hoops to convince themselves that Brad never offered JB for KD, despite the reports from literally every major NBA reporter, and anyone who calls out their bullshit gets mass downvotes.

  19. Brad's job is to do due diligence on every player on our roster. Of course he's had conversations with the Nets around what a KD trade could look like, its literally his job. That doesn't mean he's pushing hard for this trade.

  20. I'm not sure what your point is. Are you implying that Brad spoke to the Nets about JB but didn't actually offer him? Because Shams (arguably the most reliable reporter in the league) pretty explicitly stated that we've offered Brown from Durant. I'm not exactly sure what a harder push for a trade is then literally offering the trade...

  21. discussing the parameters of a deal does not mean its something we'd 100% pull the trigger on, is what i'm implying. Shams is reliable but he's also a mouthpiece for certain teams and agents, he's gonna report what he hears, but what he hears isn't always true. If we could deal Jaylen and a pick or 2 for KD, i'm sure Brad would seriously consider pulling the trigger, but BKN is gonna ask for way more than that, which is why its very unlikely to happen.

  22. Are people's feet really sensitive enough that it bothers them to step on wood floors? They don't get THAT cold...

  23. IT said the Boston medical staff told him it was just a bone bruise and didn't say how he could be further injured if he went out and played. they screwed him

  24. Mitchell consistently can drop 30 pts in the playoffs

  25. To be fair, Bane dropped 25+ in multiple playoff games this year, including 34 in R1G4...

  26. How is it that people calling their dog a furbaby is acceptable, but me calling my kid a skindog makes me a bad parent?

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