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  1. My family has been in America for 12+ generations and everyone says they’re of German ancestry. Which is silly of course, because after 12 generations there’s surely a lot of other stuff mixed in there.

  2. Ha, my dad’s side goes back to the 1600s here but ancestryDNA says 100% English Isles… And then he switched it up and I’m half Latina.

  3. Bright spring. Slightly warm, high chroma. The orange in the first photo is too muted and warm, but you can get away with the orange in the second set of colors that is brighter and clearer. Black makes you look tired, but bright magenta is doing you favors. Mustard yellow is also only so-so, which would work better if you were autumn. Bright spring can borrow bright and clear colors from bright winter too, as it's a neutral skintone subseason.

  4. The orange is actually the same dress! Difference in that I’m tanner in the summer and I think even just concealer and mascara make a big difference on me. I honestly hadn’t considered spring because I didn’t realize people with lighter skin and dark hair and eyes could be anything but Winter or Autumn.

  5. Do it if it's important to you. My friend is "only" half Mexican, her first two kids are Aurora and Elena. The general consensus is "cute names!"

  6. Thanks for sharing! I’ve thought about names that are common amongst both English and Spanish speakers, like Elena, but then I feel people would default to the English-pronunciation (which is my experience with my own first-name actually). Is this something your friend has talked about?

  7. It’s part of your culture. It doesn’t matter what “percent” your children are, or what surname they have; they still have your blood and share your culture. I see nothing wrong with it.

  8. Thanks for your input—glad to see someone embracing multicultural names. I don’t hear them often at all but maybe they’ll become increasingly common as more and more children from multicultural backgrounds are born

  9. Isis is so pretty but it's unusable for obvious reasons

  10. This is rapper Ice Spice’s name!

  11. I recently got some from American Eagle because they have an Extra Tall. They’re not the highest quality (I don’t love stretch denim) but they’re the only ones I could find long enough for me (5’10 with long legs)

  12. I would go for a darker wash or black jean to keep your vertical line. This would also look amazing with palazzo pants!

  13. Seconding this—I’ve enjoyed my outfits a lot more now that I bought some dark jeans to go with my darker tops and keep my light jeans for the light ones

  14. Came back to this because of her Oscars look which screams D to me

  15. This look is so cute and fun!

  16. Lol my bf and I only have a 6” difference but I always take our selfies (me being shorter)

  17. You get up, brush your teeth, come back and bang. It’s not rocket science. It’s cocket science.

  18. My partner and I have found that if neither of us have brushed our teeth yet we don’t really notice, but if one already has, then the other will before any kisses.

  19. It’s unfortunately not in-stock in this exact style—I got so lucky getting one of the last and 60% off. But it’s a “Toulon Knit Dress” from Reformation. I feel like it totally embodies the ‘Diva Chic’ essence

  20. I’m so sorry if this is a weird question lol but what kind of bra are you wearing with this? I JUST got an off the shoulder dress and I literally have no idea if I should get a strapless bra or get the like stick on ones

  21. I’m not wearing one—this dress holds my bust shockingly well. In general though, I’d expect to wear a strapless bra with something like this because it’s not open-back.

  22. Based on the picture for the model on the Ref website I wouldn’t have thought of this for myself but your post changed that, thanks! I don’t usually wear stuff like this but it looks great, the length is perfection

  23. what a compliment! thank you!

  24. Reformation has the best dresses! Good find getting that on sale, too.

  25. This is my first Reformation dress, but honestly I had a lot of trouble when I went to one of their stores because I tried on several with cups and they were far too small for my bust

  26. So I think that logic comes first and foremost and then the aesthetic flows from it. I feel like the different aesthetics come from the different needs/logic of the quadrants. Like, a left person who's style logic/goal is self expression may be drawn to a more alternative style as it better fits that purpose. Whereas a right person who's goal is to dress for situation may be drawn towards more traditional styles as it better fits their purpose.

  27. I’ve thought about location a lot in identifying myself! I don’t feel enough of any direction depending on location. I feel very Up compared to my partner and his friends’ casual styles, very Down compared to how people with more time and/or $ to spend on their style dress, very Left compared to the polish of the law firm I worked at, and very Right compared to the cool fashionable artsy women I see downtown.

  28. Starts at $2900 now actually

  29. As of 2023, it starts at $2900. My jaw dropped too.

  30. Heavy makeup does not suit me (SD) at all! My colouring is soft, and my features make me look better in more ”minimal” makeup. I like japanese/korean influenced makeup on me the best. And my jaw is too soft for bold lipstick (it would bring attention to my face’s lower half).

  31. Same! Even when I’m technically wearing a lot of makeup, I go for a soft look (mascara > falsies, gloss > bold lipstick, blended out eyeshadow).

  32. You just perfectly described your chart to me! Lol

  33. Would you say the vast majority of astrology information out there then is very inaccurate? Do you have website or book recommendations to start?

  34. Yeah this is absolutely the correct answer

  35. Haha—very different. I’m D or SD and my mom is probably an SG or TR.

  36. Also in the normal range here—there’s lots of small band, large cup folks in this sub. Even when I was slightly underweight, I still had a proportionally large bust—I kinda looked like a ‘P’ from the side haha.

  37. Width is talking about the shoulder area. If your hips are pushing fabric out, that's curve. If you have fabric pushing out around your chest and around your hips, that's double curve.

  38. This isn’t exactly right. If you have vertical, you don’t have double curve, even if you have upper curve and wide hips/bottom curve—because the circles don’t connect.

  39. Skinny dipping in the ocean during the day, dancing and drinking with my friends in whatever outfit I want at night.

  40. I see curve first, a moderate vertical, and very little width. Maybe SD or SC?

  41. Absolutely NTA. This program sounds so messed up even on top of its unfairness.

  42. Only back in college when I was wearing the wrong size (36DD). Somehow the way those bras made my boobs swing made them look more fake? I also was "the girl with the boobs".

  43. Yeah, cups that are a little too small squish up and together so wearing a properly fitting bra has made my chest look more natural as well

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