1. All of them are out. It makes sense. Obsession OT8!!!

  2. Manifesting Obsession full team in 2023 🤡

  3. This is so exciting to hear! It'll be interesting to see how they re-distribute the lines for Love Shot. And I'd honestly kill to see an Obsession performance with Ksoo and Xiumin.

  4. I think Baekhyun’s lines are going to be distributed to ChenSooSuho, like what they did for Paradise during fan meeting.

  5. No. He did not selling bf fantasy “I will marry you”, “wait for me” or something like that. During these fan meetings, both he and attending fans were very warm in friendly manners.

  6. It’s so stupid because like… isn’t this the best case scenario? Your idol’s gone on to get married and have a family and be happy, but while many would retire from the industry entirely at this point which is understandably sad as a fan, this guy is still out here putting out new music and content for you! What more do you want? It’s so gross that these people feel they’re owed idols’ entire lives.

  7. Nah, those deranged fans do not stan their idols because of the music/arts they produced. These fans are deep in their delusions about “idol as my boyfriend”. That is why they are triggered by Chen.

  8. EXO's Chanyeol 🙏 He is tall handsome and very very talented. I love to see him in more dramas

  9. I think he is ok in Memories of Alhambra and great in The Box!

  10. I have yet to see more about his work, I have to catch up with "Bad Prosecutor" but did he do some thrillers or action projects ?

  11. I highly recommend Along with the Gods for action.

  12. My guess is: contract renewal. EXO might have signed a new, better contract for their group and solo activities.

  13. EXO members who have started their solo careers do say that doing solo works and promotions are lonely compared to doing group activities. However, they also expressed desire to do more solo projects in the future because by doing the solo projects, they can explore their creative sides and experiment with things they can’t do as a group. As the result, each EXO member’s solo projects have been very different from one another, which is very interesting!

  14. Yes I hope they will continue this!

  15. They are so chaotic I love them 😭

  16. Chen is just… amazing! His singing is always emotive and Last Scene brings that into another level. The MV is like an episode of kdrama; simple yet beautiful in every aspect.

  17. I use iphone to scan and save as pdf, ipad to read, annotate and sign pdf and Windows laptop to read pdf and write documents. I share my files using Dropbox accross devices and things have been running smoothly for years.

  18. This is the best of Chen’s album for me! I just cant hold my emotions while listening to him.

  19. Ooh tomorrow please come faster!

  20. Pre-2022, a member will be the MC of a solo/subunit comeback.

  21. Is this going to be available globally?

  22. Oh it’s lovely to see multiple EXOs together in one room.

  23. They might be preparing for PCY1,

  24. Yes! He surprised everyone by suddenly flew there.

  25. You are me, lol. I was at 17 pity and had to spend 60 pulls to get Nahida.

  26. I’d suggest take a look at this app:

  27. I had liked Perrin-Faile storyline. They had been my favourite couple.

  28. My reaction watching the teaser: 😳😨😫😢😭😭😭😭

  29. Until it's no longer supported by ios. I went from 4s to iphone SE 2016 to iphone 13.

  30. Yes! Also, this makes each upgrade feels magnificent.

  31. I just logged in to twitter, saw this and... I cried. The teaser is beautiful k-drama quality and Chen's voice is hauntingly sad.

  32. They run their debut and then disappeared 🥲

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