Ghost of Tsushima - Anime Style Opening

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  1. looks amazing. nice job. Im guessing this is in normal mode?

  2. This looks awesome, gonna have to dust off the ol' creative save and come check it out!

  3. sweet thank you! I hope to have it completed in the next couple of weeks.

  4. haha thank you. Not all of my bases are made this well. I usually try to come up with cool architecture but leave them empty and sad :( I'm sure yours are great

  5. cool. an ant would be able to just pick that thing up btw

  6. It's a random spawn. When they are there, they usually enter the outpost from the opposite side of where he starts in this video. They walk along the higher area toward the bridge.

  7. Pretty sick man. That entry was epic af! I thought it was planned until you explained otherwise. I know how hard it is to pull these stealth scenes off. Gave me an idea on how I could deal with some enemies. Well done! Imma try this spot tomorrow and see what I can do.

  8. That's a clever idea. Sometimes the chained assassinations can be tricky. Sometimes certain actions will alert the mongols and you lose the opportunity to assassinate. I'm always looking for new little tricks like that.

  9. I am enjoying Rise, but for me the multiplayer experience in World is just top shelf and nothing compares. Multiplayer in Rise on Switch is really bad IMO.

  10. people dont even try to come up with new titles now :(

  11. Really depends on who the hosts is. My friend and I who played online have a solid/stable connection, yet sometimes we got error'ed out of our lobby (not much, maybe once every 3 evenings playing). However if you're in lobbies with people with local bar internet, you might be in for worse experiences

  12. ok so, while I was waiting on an Ethernet adapter I noticed that I had NAT Type B. so i opened some ports for my switch to get Type A and I have only been disconnected once since then because a host disconnected.

  13. Happens to me all the time. Only on MHRise, no other switch games and never on Xbox. Not sure what the deal is

  14. somebody stated above, if the host of the lobby disconnects the entire lobby is gone.

  15. Your play style is just about as unconventional as your in-game attire

  16. <3 thanks. so happy to know I have people who welcome my style.

  17. Nah. As long as there’s free space for you to roll where Jin won’t collide with anything, you’ll be fine.

  18. It's definitely tough. I will say that I had some trouble with the HS sometimes going the wrong direction, but I don't play with lock on.

  19. Thank you! I see what my problem was. Trying to direct it. Time to see if that's a habit I can drop

  20. idk why people are downvoting your comments. the people voting in this sub really rub me the wrong way sometimes.

  21. Remind me not to come to this sub for help next time. Downvoted for asking a support question?

  22. I have 1 question where could I find WebView2 installation because i only see webview2 runtime

  23. Hey there, did you ever fix this? I am using an external SSD just fine, but my thumb drives always disconnect after sleep and are not recognized until restart.

  24. Sadly no. I've just re-seated the usb any time I have an issue

  25. Must be down, I can join parties but can’t play anything or connect to online services?

  26. They just updated the status. Gaming and Social are having problems.

  27. This is outstanding thank you so much for all your hard work! It is projects like this that give me hope in humanity

  28. :) Thank you. Currently working on some changes to the interface and supported sites. I'll update on here when I have that done.

  29. haha that was one of the names that popped up when I was trying to think of what to call it.

  30. Yeah!! It’s coming in fall and then in winter we’re getting a new arena mode

  31. Amazing. I put my hopes into this game when it was first announced and it has totally paid off.

  32. bro ur so good, the first time i played this duel it took half an hour

  33. <3 thanks dude. The first time I ever tried Kojiro with no hits it took days xD

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