1. I too am learning these things s as well and one thing I have learned is that some sites like motley fool are paid to pump certain stocks, so as someone mentioned, low value for info.

  2. The IASIS schools in SEA would be alright, maybe less salary than SAS in Singapore but depending on how many you have in your family, might come out ahead due to tax differences on packages etc.

  3. Awesome pics. I hope you don’t mind that I cross posted there to my sub

  4. I am a recruiter in Latin America . “American” schools are more likely to take someone with British qualifications than a British school is to take someone with US American qualifications but there is a lot of crossover for both.

  5. Yup. Great idea. I was thinking this very thing for the same reasons mentioned in the article.

  6. Isn't it till hiring season for Latin America, considering the school year is different in the Southern Hemisphere?

  7. Depends on the school but as a rule American schools are northern hemisphere and British schools are Southern Hemisphere.

  8. I am a career educator and a Director of two Debate academies. We do not teach primary students competitive debate formats because we feel that it is not what they need at that age. We teach our primary students how to have discussion as they would in a rigorous primary classroom. We teach them how to listen, how to ask questions, how to take notes, how to research, and how to create arguments using logical syllogisms. We also teach them how to respond to their classmates in a respectful manner and how to receive critical feedback in a constructive manner and use it for self improvement. We teach them how to take turns talking and listening. So when they do reach the age that they are ready to decide if they want to debate or not, they have skills that will make them successful inside or outside of debate.

  9. Well some of the big schools start early (nov or dec) like most schools globally. But the full on recruitment doesn’t really get going until January or February. We are at the end of May and it is just starting to slow down for us. However there is always hiring in Latin America. Something is always happening plus we have Southern Hemisphere schools that start school in January February or March. So they will start recruiting now.

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