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  1. Really? Omg. I am very much ready with racism. I can handle it. I don't need all of the gay people there to like me. A few will be okay. I hope there are a few nicer ones there.

  2. I am not Canadian so hope it's ok to comment. I am a POC and have spent quite a lot of time in Canada over the years. The best, least racist place (in my experience) has been Toronto. Just my experience but that is where I've felt most comfortable and been treated less like an 'other'. Personally I would not move to Quebec as a gay POC.

  3. Yes...and I often find guys with ears that stick out to be cute.

  4. I know it's not the point but Sam is 🥵 Or is that just me? 🙈

  5. So you're black and prefer brown guys? 🤩 Hello 👋🏾 Seriously though, I feel like my problem is the opposite of yours in so far as I hardly ever get interest from black guys. I am brown and mainly tend to be attracted to black (or mixed) or white guys. Have almost never had anything happen with any black guys though sadly ☹

  6. I read once the original plan was for nightcrawler to have been conceived by mystique and destiny (mystique taking male form for sexy time)... but the idea was vetoed by an editor who did not want a gay couple/ same sex parents in the comic back in the day so they came up with an alternative plan for Nightcrawler's parenthood...

  7. This guy told me he could control me by using only my nipples 😆 🤣

  8. Ive heard POTS patients feel better in the evening so assumed it was linked to that

  9. Sorry this happened to you. Sorry you're in Oxford also - as you said, elements there not going to your advantage.

  10. I spoke to a nutritionist recently who advised me to reduce nightshades generally - potatoes, tomatoes, chilli, eggplant... mainly because they are apparently inflammatory

  11. I’ll wear my kilt to formal events like weddings. I’ll always be asked “are you a true Scotsman?”.

  12. I'm from Scotland too. No one gives a fuck about sexual harassment againdt men here.

  13. Cyclops actually raised Nathan in the future through some Askani hijinks.

  14. he also sent nathan to the future to save his life... not to 'avoid raising' him

  15. Snowflake used to be quite a nice term of endearment. It's not a compliment now!

  16. “Don’t @ me, I have gay friends and that’s how I know about a TV show” accompanies some classic AITA fiction writing, trying to anticipate people pulling threads at their made-up story and so they provide weird excuses for things that nobody gives a shit about

  17. I think this post is probably written by a male fantasist or, less likely, by a female one

  18. Generally true words. I think where people get tripped up is not being able to distinguish casual sexual desire from long-term romantic interest. So in a sense a guy could be "into you" without being "really into you." Being able to recognize the difference, or the clues one way or the other, is key.

  19. That's true... e.g. guys who only seem interested when they're drunk or they ramdomly text you late at night when they're horny. In my experience this leads to confusion if you think 'maybe they are interested in me' (answer= they're not, you were just a passing idea for them when they were horny). It's kind of similar to when 'straight' guys who might have a tiny bit of a bi side, maybe seem a bit experimental when they're drunk and flirt with you or more, but then there's confusion in the cold light of day when they are back to acting completely heterosexual and it's their wife or girlfiend they're treating with respect and taking out on dinner dates. The trick is not to get hurt.

  20. It's so annoying specially when they stop talking to each other because a random sim from the other side of the map decided to join the conversation and they just idle until they get there! I always force them to leave with MCCC lol

  21. lol imagine you were on a date on real life and some random person just came up and introduced themselved and wouldn't go away 😅

  22. NTA. Never compromise on anything at any time for any reason whatsoever.

  23. If there was exploitation going on, why would people not think it could be the older guy being exploited?

  24. If I hear a woman say that, all I hear is "Straight men don't notice me."

  25. Brilliant. I'm hooked on Sims 4 at the moment. Is this on the gallery? Or is it CC?

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