1. I recently started using cedar mulch (no color or additives) and my birds seem to love it.

  2. Yeah, but Hogwarts had like a thousand slaves they had to start paying and reparations on top of that? Forget about it.

  3. i think he was the one that was kidding— if making the noun “kid” into a verb, literally a ‘doing’ word…

  4. I feel like I just walked into my childhood home and witnessed my dad and his brother getting drunk on Busch Light and being shitty to my mom.

  5. Left brain for logic and right brain for emotions. No, it's way, way more complicated than that.

  6. My wife of 23 years, who is educated, recently started saying "drownding" instead of "drowning". I have mentioned it to her and she will not fix it.

  7. I didn't find this boring at all. Each episode I watch builds a character and/or relationship. Without episodes like this, we'd be stuck with just another Walking Dead spinoff and those things are trash.

  8. It certainly looks that way. I've found photos of them with slight rosiness in their wattles.

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