1. I'd be so stoked if that happened to me. We occasionally get great horned owls but not that close.

  2. as if I didn't already have a mancrush on him, Mark repping public enemy, bernie, and he completely pwned alex on live tv...what a legend.

  3. Me too!! And when they don’t listen🤦‍♀️

  4. I'm sadly familiar with the 1,2 and 4. Wherein does Batman fit into this equation?

  5. 6 sec in is the best, i love his collar, it's super fly, where's it from?

  6. Yeah I'm in his situation and I've tried everything but Iver so far.

  7. Yeah, they need to be more responsible

  8. He seems to be just like the alternative but worse.

  9. honestly you are doing this business a favor, congrats on having the balls to call this shit out. the guy can play nunchuks at home.

  10. So many legends already mentioned, I haven't seen Cynthia Rothrock mentioned yet, she's a rifftrax legend in our house.

  11. wow, rezzed the squad AND ran to the point being taken, you may be a novice but you are far ahead of most players, gj.

  12. 3 - I'm glad Kovy got on here one time, bit of a surprise. Man those early 2000s Pens teams were so bad, def worth getting Sid and Geno tho.

  13. Its good now if you get fire maxed on the caltrop, munitions could be better tho depending on your bomb throwing. Personally I'd go munitions. SK will get it back quickly.

  14. What is deep bags? I’ve never seen that before… I’m guessing it just drops a lot more spikes, across a bigger area.

  15. thats what it does, I prefer having that because it counts as ghost weapon damage, which is maxed out, more spikes more damage.

  16. I lost both of mine last year and I'm still not over it. What helps is looking at old pics and vids. I've compiled a few vids which has made me cry but also helps me feel better. Think about how great of a life you gave her and all the love you shared. Hope you feel better.

  17. It's easy on Shadows of War, do stable first, wait for the patrol to move back towards the middle and then kill the mob on the right next to the water barrel. Climb back up, kill the pat on the left, kill the mob on the rock, theres a mob underneath him, kill him. Climb back up to the fence and go around the left side assassinating until you get 5, takes about a minute and a half.

  18. same, prefer hybrid Fire/Heal Ronin over full Fire Ronin, Fire Breath barely does any damage from my experience

  19. Drai is the most underrated player in the nhl. Serious Crosby/Malkin vibes.

  20. wow that had to take forever, can you come over and finish mine? i absolutely hate gluing frags.

  21. It did...and an extra trip to the dollar store for more super glue lol. I swear it took at least 7hrs...because it's not just gluing its...coral math...lol Like...in 2yrs is that coral going to be nuclear to that coral?...

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