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  1. tax incentives reward business for doing what government cant by design, but I'm sure it's abused.

  2. That Dr. seems pretty ignorant, i always mention anxiety disorder because how they practice changes or it's considered negligence. Otherwise I take a 1/4 dose of Valium which helps keep breating in check.

  3. Have you seen an endocrinologist or had lab work for hormones? Reason I ask is family had a similar issue and it was revealed a thyroid condition was overruling any attempt to make corrections to medication. She had also been on SSRI's for decades, once the issue was resolved the SSRI's resumed working again.

  4. awesome list of interests, share the same and happy to chat anytime.

  5. that sounds amazing that you found a tool or process that helps you move in the right direction!

  6. I've been battling this for many years before I realized I can try to do something about it. Been focusing on memory re consolidation / act with my therapist. There's a free podcast I listen to that describes this very well (at least I think) and how to put it into practice. I've had success on small scale. One use case for me for example is going past an certain distance or exit on the freeway and how it would induce major panic / breakdown. For this I would first get into a calm state, then imagine driving past it in as much detail as possible, once feel any anxiety I would flood myself with visualizations of a positive outcome which contradicts the anxiety (e.g. calm response, no issue, reaching destination, etc.). Repeating this exercise as much as possible seem to actually help when I went to do it. Apparently when the feeling is there the neural circuit is active and can be worked with but only in that specific window. The podcast is called dharmapunx nyc and the persons name is Josh Korda. He spent a substantial time studying psychologist and Buddhism and merged them together where there's peer reviewed data to support it. What I tried in the past was always calming techniques/avoiding the panic but instead now it seems the only way to address it is by feeling it and sort of retraining myself. Apparently it's the 3rd wave of psychology to do this (aka the latest peer reviewed method). Still learning but thought I would share. There's also youtube videos on memory consolidation and how the part of your brain responsible for panic/fight/flight/freeze response doesn't listen to words but only visualizations.

  7. Beta blocker, yes I've been prescribed it and started taking it as needed. It's been very helpful since it reduced the intensity, and really helps me see how my thoughts are still panicking even with less physical sensations. I'm using a very low dose (15mg) but I noticed a difference. Was planning to use it with ACT/DARE response modality for now.

  8. I have experience with being home bound, and feeling like it's permanent and impossible to fix but it's not. My job allowed me to work 100% remote as a reasonable accommodation but I don't recall if I needed to be fingerprinted. Larger companies tend to offer the accommodation more since its is a law (ADA accommodation). I dropped out of high school and am currently a software engineer. Have you tried to focus your thoughts on a new skill? I always needed something to spend energy on vs. focusing solely on and limitation i had at the time. I'm sorry if none of this is helpful but I have experience with exactly what you described and thought I would chat.

  9. Med students here. This is amazing. Need to pass it on to my classmates since many are volunteering with Covid testing and any comfort you can have goes a long way.

  10. We've got a few printers operational in our attic workshop for donation purposes. Would be happy to send you guys a few from our batches

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