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  1. Different discipline styles give your sims different sentiments between kids, parents, and grandparents!! (Parenthood)

  2. Gotta feel for the small Newmarket businesses. Ram raids, thefts, abusive customers, and now this. Fuck the gang in sheep's clothing.

  3. Every time I re read this I literally want to crawl into a hole for second hand embarrassment. Lowkey makes me wanna die imagine if people knew what I do when I think I’m alone?! this man LIED to me!!!!

  4. It is scenes like this that make me love these books so much. I just binged the entire series in the last few weeks and I’m already about to reread books one and two, just to have my heart torn out once again lol.

  5. Oh man - a court of silver flames by Sarah J Maas. “The book is about… a book. She cupped her forehead in her hands. “Idiot.”

  6. May i ask (sincerely, not judgmentally lol)——- why would anyone want to invite Fae or Sidhe to their home? I’ve basically only ever heard “DON’T F WITH THE FAE” lol so I’m just wondering what the flip side of that coin is?

  7. We have fae kind of following all of my family (on my dad’s side) - I just kind of assumed that everyone had them so imagine my shock coming into this sub and seeing “DON’T F WITH THE FAE” 🥲😭 I can’t help it!!!!!!! They do take my jewellery a lot. And sparkly things which is annoying but I do enjoy their company when they’re feeling… less tricky. Lol

  8. I asked the same question when I downloaded them and my laptop is almost on fire but it’s worth it

  9. Aye mind if I add you to the DMs? I might start up a second yt channel for the sims. Mod reviews challenge plays, ect. Maybe if you ever came across a good mod, you’d lemme know so I could give it a review.

  10. Eeek I’m sorry I only run a laptop so those 3 are the only real mods I use!

  11. I’ve worked with the team at Stake (literally) and it’s a bit of a shambles

  12. Virgo Mars and I can be vengeful and I've heard that I'm mean... I feel it takes a lot to make me mad idk

  13. Virgo mars and same lol. Really direct and condescending but it takes me ages to get bothered

  14. “When i restart, I am killing Vlad.” Hahahahaha revenge in its finest form

  15. 1.) Autumn court personally bc I love that season. And bc they said the men fuck like fire 🤚🏻 MAYBE I WANT A ONE NIGHT STAND

  16. I see no one has answered you yet! This is just where there is a block/an official ban on something - in this case the werewolves content 😊

  17. 12th house everything here 🤦🏻‍♀️ like yes this is true lmao x

  18. For mermaids or for werwolves? I don’t have anything for werewolves but I do have a link for a good mermaid cc master list!

  19. If you don’t mind can you please list some of the creators below?! I’ve not dabbled in CC because I get so overwhelmed!!

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