1. Your feelings are valid. I find making a plan helps. is your passport updated? Do you qualify for citizenship in other countries? What's your emergency fund like? Do your have a get out plan?

  2. I'm 9.5 weeks pregnant and I think it's time for me to get off reddit. This is too much. We're leaving Texas for a blue state on literally Monday. I don't know how many more of these stories I can take right now.

  3. You think the Republicans care we're a laughing stock? They made their bed and they sleep like a baby.

  4. The real answer? Because I was an idiot in my 20s. Moved here after a divorce to live with a guy I barely knew but thought I was in love with. I stayed for my friends, though. The people who move here are awesome.

  5. Talk to your doctor and find a doctor who will support your decision. FAM can work if you actually do the work to make it work. There's also non-hormonal BC options like the diaphragm and sponges for your fertile period.

  6. IMO, Austin has changed very dramatically in the past 1-2 years. I'd advise a visit before moving. It's not the Austin or 2019, not even close.

  7. My own personal thought is that people have been indoctrinated to think that HBC is the only way to go. FAM and NFP works, and people who do it need to talk about it more. I've used it for 10+ years to avoid pregnancy and also this year, to get pregnant.

  8. You don't know what you're talking about, so I advise you look into this more. You are very uninformed to the point of spreading misinformation.

  9. It said life exception. It is open to interpretation on what counts as life in danger.

  10. It's clear you just want to be right. The number of people who have sat here on Reddit and said, "BuT ThE LaW sAyS!" is atrocious. Look at what's happening in REALITY. Doctors ARE delaying care. And they have lawyers way more informed than you and other on Reddit who interpret the law and advise them to wait. I'm cynical cities not enforcing the ban has an unclear impact of how doctors will be advised by their lawyers.

  11. Financed my car with UFCU. My credit is fair and I have had an account with them for 5 years. Was offered 3.2% interest rate in April. Not sure what it is now with rates going up.

  12. That's wild. I didn't have any issues with ufcu and Carvana at all when I bought in December. Just told ufcu where to send the paperwork, they got it all squared away in time for my delivery. Never heard anything out of the ordinary from ufcu. Just had to upload the e check form thing on my side. The only time ufcu called me was to set up what day of the month to start paying and if I wanted gap insurance

  13. The issue was I had to return my first car from Carvana because it was a lemon. Then I got another one that was much better. If you are in that situation, it's a lot more complicated!

  14. That was my question! Cops told us to stop filming because “it’s not helping the situation!”

  15. The person doing it was probably rich and white so that's why they were waiting for a key.

  16. I was pretty shocked Safiya chose to give Unclaimed Baggage a platform and dedicated video with millions of views. It's clear this place is a scam and sells people's "lost baggage." The whole video was just kind of sad, thinking of stuff people had lost that they really treasured and now it's being resold by what looks like an unethical business.

  17. Get your passport renewed and you'll have it in time before the election.

  18. I used these folks to get my passport after I let my expire for 5+ years. It was a good experience:

  19. It really bothers me that workers have so little time off for holidays. There's pressure not to celebrate holidays since covid started. I get that many would like to protest, but many people have time off that's so limited. I don't think anyone should be judged for seeing friends and family.

  20. Tracking in pen and paper could also be subpoenaed. Benefit would be that you would know you are being subpoenaed vs subpoena going to a third party and your data being released without your knowledge

  21. Men can't even figure out what a woman's clitoris is. You think they can read an ovulation chart?

  22. Avoid Arkansas if possible, their highways are terrible in places.

  23. Agreed. I had to drive through there about 6 months ago. The WORST driving of my life. The interstate had so much construction. The lanes were so narrow that I was literally maybe 6 inches away from a tractor trailer. I've driven though almost every state, so you can trust my opinion on bad roads.

  24. I'm not telling people our names after some of these posts this week lol.

  25. Yeah sounds like a solid true definition needs to be established if the bill doesn't already define any of it or address it.

  26. Our politicians can't even wrap their minds around why an ectopic pregnancy can't be continued. You think they're going to be able to comprehend the science and skill doctors go to school for 15 years to learn?

  27. Im on your side, it's merely objective information I stated no opinion or feeling with my comment.

  28. We live in such a sinister, dystopian world that all these comments here are jokes.

  29. I’m even worse. I’m a leftist who relocated here with my partner from TX and we’re here to stay with our “radical” politics - because apparently that’s what healthcare access and women’s rights are these days.

  30. Time to stop drinking or heavily cut back. Aside from the embarrassment you experienced, you also could've died from all your falling.

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