[OC] My son drew this rhino in his summer art class this week.

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  1. If I knew tickets were going to drop to $4, I would've booked a flight to Chicago and gone with friends. I never bothered looking after the initial sellout announcement.

  2. Tickets are always held back to sell day-of the event. You can get great seats this way. They're usually hard cam side.

  3. Maybe it's because everyone who wanted to go already bought a ticket? Also, promotions deliberately hold back selling entire sections of the arena to create artificial scarcity. It's a shitty thing to do, but it helps sales by eliciting FOMO, so I doubt we'll ever see it change.

  4. Ah yes, median prices. I always make sure to buy my singles at the median price.

  5. I do think the community is a little blind to how the social fabric of the game was being unintentionally undermined long before Dungeon Finder. Cross-realm Battlegrounds were arguably the first big step in that direction, and many PvPers complained at the time that their rivalries and server communities were sacrificed on the altar of convenience.

  6. Hard agree. I loved feuding with the opposite faction, both in-game and on the forums. Warcraft is so much more fun when you have a 50/50 split of horde and alliance. It made you grateful for every player on your side, and fostered community/faction pride. Most servers nowadays are HEAVILY skewed toward either horde or alliance, in addition to being much, much larger.

  7. Salty dweeb jealous of a toddler with skills

  8. I was a big fan of Rebel ice cream when I first started weening myself off of added sugar. They are definitely one of the better brands.

  9. LOL, leave it to Niantic to come up with a box that's not even worth 1 coin.

  10. Congrats I'm 79 raids in and no shundo

  11. probably a good reason they are still unsold. Unfortunately, it goes to show that many people are fans only until they leave the ‘brand’

  12. I don’t know if Chris Benoit tragedy is accurate. To me, it’s the Nancy and Daniel Benoit Tragedy.

  13. don't blame benoit. the blame is fully on CTE and WWE's consistent refusal of accountability. Benoit had the brain of an 80+ year old with severe Alzheimer's.

  14. great anecdotal evidence. your grandfather also doesn't have CTE.

  15. Sold out on Draft and Set boxes already.

  16. It's the new progression system for megas. Basically, the more times you mega evolve a particular pokémon, the higher their "mega level" becomes. Higher mega levels give you perks when catching Pokémon that share a type with the currently evolved mega.

  17. Most type matchups are not common sense. Ground also absorbs water and steel conducts electricity, yet the effectivenesses are somewhat flipped? The things you mentioned are just your mind trying to make sense of the matchups. It's your imagination.

  18. I always looked at it as ground can get flooded by water

  19. Don’t try to reason with cat owners. They let they’re “pet” abuse them and think it’s adorable

  20. They shouldn’t cancel it because someone will have to pay for it as in the people! And also it’s not fair for people that did pay out of pocket or even vets who served in the military so they can have that benefit. It’s one of the many reasons people do join so they can have a free education. Everything comes with a price and we can’t be giving out handouts because people don’t want to work for it.

  21. They earned what they built. Why do you want to mooch off of that? Don’t you want to earn your own success

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