1. Oh man I am DYING 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 And everyone’s reactions are so over the top!! Oh I needed this today lol

  2. I take strands of my hair and search for split ends then use my sharp scissors to cut them off .-. sometimes I do it for an hour when I lie in bed

  3. Omg I didn’t realize I do this until I just read your post lolololol

  4. Remember when Kitty manipulated Marley until she had an earring disorder 😳

  5. I love how they act like it’s just that easy to switch specialties, like you can just do it whenever just like that

  6. Yess i recently applied for a residency and the one common advise i got from everyone is that make sure you love your branch because you can divorce your partner but there's no divorcing your branches and Greys show it to be so easy, everyyyyone keeps changing their branch. Ben went from anesthesia to surgery, Joe went from surgery to ob and Schmidt went from surgery to ob to back to surgery ugh

  7. Right?!? Like I’ve studied and worked solely on cardio surgery for years and years, but I can just pick up and work on wherever else will take me no problem because of personal issues with my wife, with likely little to no new training lol

  8. I’ve always thought they should do reunions. I would love to see everyone talk it out once they’ve had an opportunity to watch the show back and see what actually happened… ohhh the drama!!

  9. Yeah. This man is a whore. Has always been a whore, will probably always be a whore. But that's not a secret. He's not keeping it hidden. You all knew who he was before you got involved with him. And now you want to be all 'whoa is me, he don't call me back. He's dating other women' He's nasty! But he's a doctor here and a pretty good one. So let us all close our knees and get back to our jobs, so he can get back to his job. And help the people that really need it. Disperse!

  10. But also why was she on the case and why did they have her tell Thatcher that she had died?? Everyone did Meredith dirty here…

  11. How was the process? We are coming down in the next couple of months to start scouting and possibly buy a place

  12. Definitely a different process than what we were used to, but it was very smooth. Our realtor was amazing. He’s American but has lived in CR for 20 or so years so was a great balance. Being able to be down here for a good chunk of time to view properties would be key. We did virtual showings, then flew down during our conditional period to actually see the house in person, which worked for us but if you can be down here and line up showings I think that would be much easier.

  13. Would you be willing to send me the name and contact info for your realtor and your lawyer please? I’m planning on retiring there as well and I’ve heard exactly what you say happened to you about finding trustworthy people. If you are willing to do that please PM me the details. And thank you so much for the information! I’m really looking forward to the trip.

  14. Richard. Writers like to throw him into convos or situations where he's clearly out of touch with the lingo or themes and then he reacts like we all want to react in real life. Either staring intently until the idiot intern realizes they are dumb and run off, or just shaking his head and walking away.

  15. When Richard calls Own a ginger I almost pee my pants every time 🤣🤣🤣

  16. I think there might also be a difference because Lexi was Thatcher’s child that he loved fiercely and raised, while Meredith had always felt abandoned by him. And Maggie was Ellis and Richard’s child that Ellis gave up and had nothing to do with. That likely bonded them where her relationship with Lexie started with a lot of feelings of resentment

  17. Does anyone remember the season 2 Halloween episode…. Emily takes her twin niece and nephew trick or treating to Brandon’s, and he answers the door and sees them and goes “well, well, Welly, well, well”

  18. Omg I don’t remember this but I’m DYYYYYING thinking about it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Owen helping Arizona through her phantom limb trauma

  20. Yes they really did have a good one. I thought owen was always fair and impartial when giving advice or making judgement

  21. Also, this isn’t exactly a “moment” but I think Owen was the best chief

  22. My favorite moment was when janelle was chosen by america to go to the two and a half men taping. The three remaining losers spent the entire time crying because they realized that NO ONE liked them. One of the few times a winner knew how disliked they were while still in the house.

  23. Didn’t Janelle also get voted by America to get a phone call from home, and the call was from Michael (I think?) who was her sort of showmance that was voted out early. And the nerd herd LOST IT!!!!!!!!!! Even though she had no control over who called her lol. That season was amazing

  24. Stop it!!!! I am DYING!!!!!! 😆😆😆😆 That was absolutely her first or second question!!

  25. Carrie in the bodycon gray minidress with the iconic curly hair and aviators in the season 2 episode ‘Shortcomings’. It’s more accessible and less accessorized than most of her outfits but goddam does she look amazing.

  26. Omg I would have never came up with this but god dammit you hit the nail on the head!!!

  27. I looooove your second point about Bailey and Webber… that would make me so happy!

  28. Go to the vet. He need his anal glands expressed. He also could have a slight back issue if that's not it. Either way a vet trip is needed.

  29. This is 100% what it is… have been through this with both my frenchies when they are not expressing their anal glands on their own. If left, it will result in an abscess which is painful and uncomfortable for them

  30. Right!? Like have you ever been outside and it starts to rain? Did you run for cover? Suck it up? Pull your hood up or your umbrella out?? Orrrrr did you scream like your entire family was being murdered in front of you?

  31. Jackson got the best fair well ever. April and Arizona were just lucky there's wasn't death because grey anatomy sure know how to kill of good character. See what they did to Alex karver

  32. Lol agreed! I meant April’s “second” farewell I guess when she and Harriett go to Boston with Jackson. Her first departure was weird and felt forced, but how they came back together as a family and went on to do so much good was perfect

  33. Wellllll you made a long journey from Milan to Minsk Rochelle Rochelle…

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