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  1. The weapons and armor system. I didn't enjoy it at first because I was used to 3 and NV but then I found Grognak's ax and then I realized how great it is to be able to role play a character without having to keep a constant supply of shotguns on you. I also think every game should have some kind of ballistic weave. I want to look cool and not die.

  2. ballistic weave is nice, but I prefer the way terraria does it (very different games obviously) with an actual armor set, and the set it looks like you're wearing

  3. NGL I think the perk system is better than the points, as the point system just lead to you rushing one combat skill, and nothing else, and ending up super OP at about level 5-7

  4. guys do you get it guys it's a woman taking a piss in a urinal hahaha guys do you get it because we're othering trans women hahahaha do you get it guys?

  5. I feel a hint of infantilization in your comment my good sir

  6. NGL at this point I'd rather be infantilised then be this alone

  7. TBH this is mostly just words that would never be used lol

  8. Servers should be moderated by the people who moderate the servers.

  9. I'd say more of a "we took over your village/kingdom, you can live but give us 90% of your resources" would be better

  10. nah this would be fucking hilarious

  11. damn it's almost as if they don't care

  12. I thought it meant someone who likes pillows and stuffed animals and teddies :(

  13. what the fuck are you talking about

  14. fireflies were the only ones that really come to mind, although there are 4 (goats) but they’re so pointless they arent even really talked abt. Although the concept art for forests did show so much

  15. there are new paintings? how do you get them

  16. Imagine... Elizabeth Olsen... As your stepmom...

  17. wow, that sure would be interesting having a celebrity as a parental figuer

  18. honestly I was really sad when stevens fish died :(

  19. imagine if jackson wasnt a character in the hl2 series

  20. dude the joke isn't funny anymore, stop acting as if jackson was just a mandela effect joke made up by r\OKbuddyHalfLife, we all know he was actually in the game, you're not funny.

  21. And if you get mass reported by a hacked client, and sequentially auto banned? If your comment, in context is fine, but without it it isn’t? I get you’re trying to find the “good” in this shitty report system, but there really isn’t any.

  22. They can, but can you trust a team of Microsoft employees to check reports even decently across 131 million monthly users (2020), or the 3 million people playing right now? Course, take some of for those playing single player, but it doesn’t get much smaller than that. With the easier option being autobans and then just dealing with appeals, which one sounds easier? Appeals.

  23. not that many people will be getting reported, and a lot of people only play on private servers, or don't talk in chat, or only play singleplayer

  24. I think the venom curse would look better without the eyes, maybe

  25. wow both are very good friends and good shows :)

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