1. That looks like a ZX model, not sure which model but the toebox and the lace holes near the stripes are the identifiers in this case

  2. Honestly you’d think the eagles would be ranked ahead of us…. 😢

  3. Well they had a solid draft, and picked up AJ brown to pair up with Devonta Smith at WR. Could be a scary good team if their defense is strong

  4. Without AJ it’s gonna be tough to win 12 games. But Vrabel proved with his leadership through so many injuries last year that his coaching is elite enough to win games with anyone! I still think we have good chance at the division title again. Indy’s defense is my main concern, as I don’t think Matt Ryan will elevate them any higher than Rivers did

  5. 63 receptions, 844 receiving yards, 7 TD’s

  6. Thank YOU guys for everything man! Much love and more business soon. :)

  7. hey OP. How are you liking your JCVAP SiC 3D Chamber? I’m considering buying one for my peak pro. Is it better than Puffco’s 3D chamber? Puffco’s 3D chambers ALWAYS chazz on me no matter what I do to try to avoid it.

  8. What would make it function better for rosin?

  9. I’m just hoping to more efficiently use each dab and I think a good ball cap would make the puddle move? Correct?

  10. Natalie Portman. Padme from Star Wars. Episode I was the shit when I was a kid 😂😂

  11. Week 17 should be against a AFC south opponent. Flip the two

  12. Lazercat & Olio rosin carts are the fucking Nobu or Jeff Ruby’s of cartridges. Both are phenomenal and the closest you’ll get to a dab from a vape pen

  13. What is the wiring on the tether used for? Does that tether make using the puffco ball cap easier? Because every time I take the puffco ball cap off of the 3D chamber it flashes red and white and interrupts my session.

  14. Just show her this thread bro lol. I got ripped off with one of these fakes too

  15. Puffco travel pack is a must for the mouthpiece alone. The mouthpiece provides an all around smoother hitting session imo. And helps for those big rips

  16. UPDATE I started using heat settings of 490 for 1:15-1:20. And it left way less staining on the stock pro atomizer. Then my 3D chamber came in and it’s amazing at the difference. Zero staining with my live rosins on the 3D chamber

  17. Is that Flower Rosin or Hash Rosin? I don't really have a problem with staining with Hash Rosin. Flower Rosin, I expect to be a problem as it has lipids that can stain.

  18. Flower live rosin. Fresh press. “On the Rocks” by Lazercat

  19. Bring the budsy back I didn’t get a chance to buy one

  20. I have a new budsy I haven’t used. Want to buy it?

  21. AJ, if you’re a Redditor and you see this, please know that all of us TRUE Titans fans LOVE you!!!!!

  22. o-line at 26 and then trade into the 70’s for Skyy Moore at WR?

  23. When Steve McNair became a Raven….. fuck the dirty birds forever. Titan Up!

  24. I’m just not sure that I believe in this QB draft class this year. Pick 26 is huge for us this year, and we need to take one of the top Wide Receivers or interior-O Lineman with our first round selection. Because we are still in a win now window with tanne & company this season. Tanne was much better under a competent play caller in Arthur Smith.

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