when a democratic government puts up fencing to protect itself against the general public, your government is no longer democratic. it's now against the people, in spite of the people, for the tyrants killing the people. liquidize the rich

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Last summer, I was introduced to golf by my friend Chris and it’s since become my new favorite hobby. Sadly, last week Chris lost his battle and ended up taking his own life. My first time golfing after, I notched my first ever par. Know I had a little bit of help on this one.

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  1. 100% backordered from Asus and you would have this issue anywhere you ordered it from.

  2. Oh yeah I have no ill intent towards Best Buy, I am just wondering where it is since I was told this date and then the next. I know this is a reach but do you happen to know, within your knowledge, if this will be just a couple more days, weeks, or a canceled order?

  3. If the wording “transfer” was used then you should expect it within a week or two at the latest. Transfer means the inventory is allocated to your order and is being shipped to the store from a warehouse. There is no sort of direct tracking for that. When the item is available for pickup and checked in by the store, you will get an email notification and can basically pick it up after that point. If they used the word “backorder” then the truth is no one at Best Buy truly knows when the item would be available they will just give you the standard answers if they do not know or call back to check on the status.

  4. Yeah the guy in the physical store used the word transfer. Good to know it’s somewhere than. :) Thank you

  5. Does that mean that if you’ve had COVID 2+ times, you had different variants?

  6. Interesting, I had two variants than. I’m a Covid god

  7. Yeah I plan on scalping every last variant

  8. Curious about this question. I’m thinking to give Eufy a try. Also have a Google doorbell cam at home. Did the AI satisfy once you turned on the motion detection? Does it capture everything you need?

  9. It captures everything now, alerts are sent within 3 seconds, doorbell almost instantly. Only complaint is that I wish I could make zones like on Google

  10. How do you decide whats false? Surely this won’t be abused…

  11. Usually by studies that prove something is false

  12. I feel dumb for asking this but how do you judge these distances? Do you hit a ball and check it with a rangefinder, then rinse and repeat? Or are there ranges that have tracking in the balls like Top Golf and you get the data from that?

  13. He’s estimated to make over $50,000,000/yr

  14. He admitted years and years ago during one of his Reddit AMA’s that he made $4,000,000 that year. This was maybe 5-8 years ago

  15. you can manually add a workout in the health app, but that will double your info since the watch picked up activity while golfing. the manual add is mainly for when you forgot your watch but worked out. I would just let the watch pick up what it did during the golfing. and in the future don't forget to run the golf workout.

  16. I don’t think anyone in here can prove this is up right now

  17. For a porn with a high budget it was pretty descent

  18. 300 days later you got at least one person who understood your comment lol

  19. Looks to be the only full size pickup on the top 10 too

  20. Federal tax was due April 18 this year. The taxpayer is responsible to pay by the due date. Either you could have mailed a check or money order, or pay online.

  21. I have my bank attached to Turbo Tax and was never prompted to pay the IRS. I also have tried multiple times online but I am only met with the message above of “Your Information Is Not Available At This Time”

  22. Hopefully it’s not too much, because I’ve used Turbo Tax for years. In the past I’ve had direct deposit every year.

  23. If you have the money, the high efficiency furnace is always the better bet, although more expensive. The HVAC installers will have to vent outside of your house with PVC from the furnace.

  24. Chris was there cheering you on brother

  25. Is anyone using a blow dryer, or any other hair appliance, in the bathrooms when it trips?

  26. You could try L-brackets to the concrete and the frame of that board.

  27. The extension cord is against code, and for a reason. Don’t do it.

  28. I second this, bubble covers stick out maybe 1-2” on the SLIM side. Normal covers are about 3-4”.

  29. It does! Unfortunately front windows aren't allowed to be tinted where I am, or they can but it's gotta super light and not worth the hassle of being pulled over and issued checks all the time. :(

  30. FWIW I’ve put tint on all of my cars, 15%, and I’ve never been pulled over. Saves so much squinting lol

  31. I put 15% all around my truck, so it kept the back ones darker which I liked. Back ones are around 5% and the front maybe 10%.

  32. Sometimes wish I did 5% lol. But where I live there are no street lights and I would for sure be hittin curbs hahaha

  33. I'm currently using two highland axes +25 and they are great! I thought about putting frost on one of them or both since frost seems to scale pretty well with strength..so I'd definitely recommend trying to get two highland axes and focus on upgrading them as well as one of the wooden crest shields and a bow but that's just what I use, if u find anything else that works better please let me know!! Hope this all helps u lol

  34. Hey! How do you put frost on a weapon? I’m using these axes now after making a Viking build too, but I thought the only way was with a Freezing Grease, thanks!

  35. U need to find the magic whetstone blade to unlock frost and magic DMG for the ashes of war u put on weapons, I don't remember where to get it but one u do u can go and put any ash of war in a weapon u want and choose to put frost DMG on it to split the DMG between magic and physical, but frost scares better with pure strength rather than just straight physical DMG, hope that helps!!

  36. It's the noise cancelation system causing feedback. It happened in my 2020. Dealer fixed it.

  37. Weird, thank you! I would’ve never guessed. I’ll take it in this week

  38. It's not gatekeeping, and opinions aren't sacred. Words have meaning. If someone doesn't know how to use them, their opinion carries no weight, and is of no consequence.

  39. Masterpiece was being used subjectively, comprehend that for a second.

  40. Masterpiece was being used subjectively incorrectly, comprehend that for a second.

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