The epitome of “I work hard so my dog can have nice things.” When I die I’d love to reincarnate into a sludgy velvet hippo. She sleeps like she’s done a straight 72 hr shift. Snores and all. Eau de Fritos forever. 💕 Here’s a “flip book” of Ponyo getting ready to hibernate.

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We found this baby velvet hippo wandering all on his lonesome on a walk last night - we named him Kevin

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  1. A wise woman once told me that trends are for people who don't have personal style.

  2. Ecco is a Danish brand. Their shoes are comfortable and usually low heeled. That being said, break your shoes in well before the big event.

  3. Yes! I also love Ecco. Actually, European brands are a better bit for a more natural toe box in general.

  4. I have wide feet with high arches and a high instep. Sam Edelman and Naturalizer are the most comfortable to me. I usually buy off of Zappos so I can read reviews and they have a great return policy.

  5. I’m also a fan of Clark’s. I also have wide feet and high arches.

  6. I like 1 and 4 best. 2 is a little summery even though I like the shirt with something else. The velvet skirt is luxe and autumnal. For that reason, 1 is absolute fave.

  7. Yes! That white coat, the colorful jacket at the holiday party, the lipstick, everything! Some of the outfits need to be posted in

  8. Haha yes I actually do and I love it! I like being able to get a sense of the weather/the vibe outside on the street when I'm in bed! The back wall which you can't see is taken up by a huuuge clothes rail with so much stuff, which is also why I have the bed like this.

  9. Same. I want to see out the window while I rest.

  10. Maybe Possets Zombie? Toasted marshmallow and oude, a bit of burnt stick, and the unmistakable fragrance of the crisp autumn air.

  11. I second this. The oude is a great addition to the usual campfire smoke and marshmallow. Lovely and not limited to fall and winter.

  12. On a random note with the whole manor saga, I found it absolutely infuriating that everyone in that house allowed themselves to be trapped inside shaking with fear all over ONE ZOMBIE outside. There were atleast 4 guns in that house... like just get its attention, shoot it in the head and be done with it. They even let themselves run out of firewood (which is why Freddy went out)...despite there being a huge pile in the garage...all because of one zombie outside. It seems to me if they would have dispatched it quickly, they'd have been able to move about the property pretty freely without much worry. Another one might wander up to the house eventually, but they would have been few and far between due to them being in the middle of nowhere in the winter. Granted, I do realize they had to have some reason for Freddy to be out of the house for a while, but ehh, it just seemed too simple.

  13. Also, everyone was bundled up, so why risk sending Freddie out in the dark instead of waiting for morning? Except that mom and Sonny just didn’t give. Damn whether he lived or died.

  14. Freddy's weapon was in the room and the mother was facing them when Sonny raised his voice at the old woman. Sonny already had his gun cocked and in hand whereas Rose and Anna's guns were upright standing against their chairs.

  15. What did Queen mean? Didn’t Rose put down the Queen card earlier, in a meaningful way? I might have to rewatch to see what was happening in the room then.

  16. "If I wanted your opinion, I'd read it in your entrails."

  17. Yes to all of this, and I want to see the whole outfit too! I admire people who can pick a uniform and stick to it.

  18. Yep! She’s so wild and loves water. The name just fit too perfect.

  19. Thanks for these! I’m just a cis middle-aged woman, but I enjoyed peeping these profiles so much.

  20. also... I know Morrissey took a weird right turn politically, but his style in the 80s was 💯. more androgynous than masc though. it's like "androgynous sensitive librarian"

  21. It’s the wide array of faces that does it for me. Derp, tongue, judgmental side-eye? Incredible!

  22. That last picture, with him looking back at you — eeeee!

  23. I hope your recovery is fast and complete. I’m recovering from abdominal surgery now and can’t be near my little pit mix because he jumps on me — which I normally love. Enjoy yours!

  24. Thank you and I wish the same to you so you and your little pibble can be together again!

  25. Thank you, dear. Yours look very content to take care of you. ❤️

  26. I love the dress! Also, although I can’t see all of your ink, the flowers look amazing.

  27. These made me smile. What a sweet little lump.

  28. My old boy is 15 and it’s a huge amount of work to care for him at this stage of his life

  29. So glad you’re showing him the love he has always shown ❤️

  30. He will always be my baby puppy! Even if he’s old, deaf, and half blind now. He still loves to go for a walk, and still he sleeps with his head up on the pillows in my bed. I’m really gonna miss him when it’s his time… he beat cancer a few years back… he’s a good dog… so is my other boy(5yrs)…

  31. oooo niche, not indie, but Bat by Zoologist smells exactly like a barn on my boyfriend. A little stinky but very hay forward.

  32. What is the difference between niche and indie? Is it mainly a quantity/size difference or is there a qualitative difference?

  33. First, I love his name. Second, good food, a calm environment, a heart worm pill that covers other parasites and/or mange, and LOVE will make a huge difference in a short time. Can’t wait to see pics in a couple of weeks!

  34. First thing we did after getting him home was the aforementioned treatments, we have a lot of that stuff on-hand because we have a zoo and my wife is a long time vet tech. He’s already way better and should continue improving each day - thanks for giving Kevin love!!

  35. Oh wow! Kevin is in even better hands than we already knew!

  36. I'd always go to a parent's room to feed my kiddo because he was a chronic stickybeak and if I was feeding in public, he'd unlatch and look around everywhere, far more interested in what every passerby is doing rather than getting on with feeding. Meanwhile, milk is spurting everywhere because I had a pretty strong let-down. Nah, too messy, and took too long because he was too easily distracted.

  37. This made me laugh so hard! The visual of a baby looking all around and the milk geyser! My baby was very easily distracted too — like his head was on a swivel. Means they’re curious and will be interesting adults.

  38. Update us! Mine looks a lot like him except he’s black.

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