1. If you think Labor isn’t also in the pocket of these for profit job provider companies you’re kidding yourself. Our current government is making an active choice to keep people in poverty, not even DSP meets the poverty line.

  2. Curious how cheap it would be for Labor to severe the contracts with the networks that the LNP government signed up for.

  3. What does your visit with your niece and nephew have to do with the rest of the post?

  4. Netflix usually has a good handful too. There also used to be a great line-up on Amazon Prime but I haven't used it in a while

  5. The US region Netflix had around 60 or so films in March of 2019. Was really awesome.

  6. Wouldn’t it be akin to a browser highjacker, in that it basically would work in reverse to the normal malware that does this against the user?

  7. Maybe if every bee keeper changed their name to Harvey Norman, they'd get a sick payout. At least from the former federal government.

  8. Is there not some form of bee-based JobKeeper scheme we can enact? Let’s get Barry B. Benson on the line.

  9. You're free to set up your own all-inclusive nightclub.

  10. If it goes against discrimination laws, you just leave yourself liable for a day in court.

  11. The roof shouldn't be temporary, but there should be temporary increased payments to prevent those between jobs from falling flat on their faces. As opposed to raising welfare as a whole.

  12. Do you believe that we shouldn’t raise the rate permanently, and allow people on welfare to continue living underneath the poverty line?

  13. I believe that we should instead be targeting the ridiculous cost of living. Raising welfare and the minimum wage just pushes the problem another couple of years down the track when the price of goods and services catches up again.

  14. So you don’t believe that welfare etc should be levelled up with the rate of cost of living and inflation?

  15. Thanks for proving further that you care, and that you’re so obtusely narcissistic, you’re projecting your need for the last word onto me. You can literally shut the fuck up, but you can’t have that, because it would conflict with your obvious need for attention.

  16. It’s cute that you can’t even argue against what I said, you just try to suggest you’re right. Good going, you’re far more stupid than I ever gave you credit for. Now do all of us a favour and go outside and touch some grass, you really need a break from your illogical hot takes. 🥰

  17. I did my part. I voted, I phone banked, I donated tens of thousands of dollars to defend democratic seats and help flip republicans.

  18. Sorry for the downvotes - I think you’re 100% correct. Nothing significant will come of this to “keep the peace”. The Dems will play politics and fuck up their political capital as they always do.

  19. Maccas is a (much) better run business than KFC or subway, and it does the one thing well that most other well-run businesses do well: logistics.

  20. As someone who worked at a McDonalds, it’s not out of disaster preparedness, it’s the fact that they have an entire walk in freezer the size of a large studio apartment worth of food that can be kept for months, if not years.

  21. They also have an adjacent walk in for their non-freezable items, but you know, I’d have assumed that was a fairly obvious thing not worth mentioning.

  22. Don't listen to pizza elitists. They've been conditioned to think Dominos is some kind of lesser pizza, though I'm hard pressed to find pizzas a whole lot better.

  23. Dominos is a fucking terrible grease trap of dough and sparse toppings. Not sure where you live, but you’d be better off eating the box the thing comes packaged in, as I’m sure that is far more healthy.

  24. Dominos wont deliver for $5 and even those lower cost pizzas get a price bump on delivery apps IIRC. For frozen pizzas try getting the Ristorante brand when theyre on special.

  25. I'd hate to go into the bathroom of the Australian version. It'd be filthy in less than a day.

  26. Agreed about Reynolds. His role in Amityville Horror was intense.

  27. Dwayne Johnson was pretty funny in the Jumanji movies.

  28. I don’t know what accent he was trying to emulate as Danny Divito’s character, but it was… less than good.

  29. Remember the day when we didn’t hear from Lorde for several years, and it was a good time? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  30. Sometimes I wish I had amnesia so I could see this clip, wonder what the fuck is this show and discover it all over again.

  31. I recently did a full watch of the entire series for the first time, and holy shit, it was pretty fucking awesome.

  32. Genuinely great is a massive stretch imo. The storming of the base was terribly done. Stormtroopers were next to the rebels in one scene and then 50 feet behind in the next. Using the heavy blasters only for the Reaver to cut the door open with one move.

  33. Don’t forget that all the empire soldiers and officers were hanging out in the empire base, with Tala guiding Ben with Leia underneath his coat, AND NOBODY FUCKING QUESTIONS WHAT WAS GOING ON.

  34. I personally couldn't get comfortable with controller but I definitely really like the controls on M&K so I agree

  35. I read that New Horizon brought out a lot more controller-based options, so I guess I came into it at a better time.

  36. Damn I've been there before and had no idea they sold boutique stuff, I just tried to search their website but it's pretty difficult to find anything. Might have to pop in next time in the city.

  37. I called the Military a shining example of Socialism to a conservative friend and neighbor of mine and they were so offended they walked away and didn't talk to me for like 2 months (despite having a good friendship with them).

  38. Yep. Bad commercial property, good family movie. My kid didn’t want an Arlo action figure and that’s why it’s a ‘flop’.

  39. Wow, when did it become “unlawful/illegal” to protest? Because the police said no? The fucking irony is sweet tonight. But yeah, society didn’t deem protesting illegal, and I’m definitely not the minority here. Lol. Get back on that high horse of yours and trot on out of here, mate.

  40. Well, if I manufacture bullets and people buy those bullets to commit murder, am I responsible for the murders?

  41. Why do you think arms manufacturers are getting successfully sued by massacre victims and/or their families?

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