Ukrainian refugee in Ireland : first-hand experience

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  1. Check Our the Price of petrol Here before you pull The Trigger and speaking of triggers - remove all guns from it!

  2. I filled up on petrol and paid for my car wash. When I came out some prick had done this. I asked him to move and he said he'd do it in a sec (ie when he's finished washing his car) so I went to the front of the car wash and reversed back into it while the prick was paying and then took my time driving out when the wash was done and gave him a big smile and a wave...

  3. You guys are defending the front line of Europe. We owe you. Our job is to support and resupply and your family (both here and in your home).

  4. On an electric scooter shouting up the street to his mate who is trying to scoot a wheelchair forward with his feet like he never realised that it could be propelled by arms

  5. My son did while in high school with a girl from England. I don’t have a lot of details but he did say it was the “best cruise ever!”

  6. They’ll show up and there will be war in there. There should be an amnesty on dublin scotes showing up to go mental

  7. Secret to being happy is dropping Trou and taking a dump in desk drawer of whatever person hung this up

  8. If you’ve a job with an employee assistance scheme you may have access to some free sessions. I’ve used them and found them brilliant. Well done for getting help. I take all the help I can get

  9. Best related expression for bra: Over Shoulder Boulder Holder - from the Stone Age

  10. I love the “competitive salary” posts when the salary is literally minimum fucking wage lol

  11. Reddit/stopdrinking is there and the old secret society if you ever want either!

  12. Best of luck in the interview! Pop into M+S, pick up a suit, shirt and tie. Be grand

  13. Try to focus exclusively on self care. How can you be gentle/kind to yourself. This isn’t the time to hit the drink if you are already having dark thoughts. Sounds like you know it’s over but you can’t be expected to accept that fully today. I’d try to make a clean break asap. The sun will Come up for you again

  14. I'm baffled that this story has been so blown out of proportion. The Happy Pear made a podcast with an NHS doctor who specializes in women's health and in the promo for it they mentioned ways to reduce the risk of cancer. They said avoid smoking, maintain a healthy weight, minimise alcohol consumption and eat whole food plant based foods... All of this is on the HSE website

  15. You are right. They are encouraging people to eat vegetables for fucks sake.

  16. I'd recommend reading Bad Science by Ben Goldacre. Spreading false information about food and medicine is like a gateway to some bigger issues in thinking that could really impact people doing harmful things.

  17. I appreciate your post is considered and not just abusing the guys and I agree with you. The video is promoting content in a podcast by a GP so perhaps the GP has it wrong. They aren't selling snake oil but you are right - people need to be protected from barmy stuff. Do you think that encouraging people to eat vegetables is is not good for you?

  18. Regarding trafficking/consent. It seems that there are many grey areas and nuances of greyness..

  19. Interesting comment, great insight. Could you confirm if the organisation you worked for has e.g. six letters in its name?

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