1. If your company has a legal team I would loop them in on what’s going on and provide them with all the documentation you currently have so it won’t come as a surprise when y’all finally receive the alleged EEOC complaint that was filed.

  2. We maybe SOL then. Though small that box was chock full of gummy bears and beef jerky 😅

  3. I can relate 100% to this. I only wish it was 3 months versus the 2 years I invested into the guy I was seeing. He recently ghosted me a month ago. Haven’t heard a peep from him. It’s mind blowing how little you can mean to someone when you’ve given your all to someone who essentially reciprocated the same feelings/actions.

  4. Georgia Bramhill at Honeycomb Hair Boutique or April Kayganich IG: _thehalfrican Both amazing at cutting and coloring curly hair!

  5. -It sounds lame and I’ve never done this with prior employers…but providing snacks and beverages. I recently started working for a manufacturing company and many of the team members on the shop floor work a lot of OT or don’t want to leave to get lunch due to how far our site is to major restaurants and stores. Many of them have told me in passing the extra sustenance provided helps get them through the day and how much they appreciate it. We currently pay competitively (IMO) and have reasonable benefits so I don’t feel like it’s a talent attainment/retention gimmick.

  6. Can confirm…I dealt with a very aggressive peeping tom at my apartment earlier this year. He would bang on my windows and expose himself quite frequently. It was a nightmare. Called APD and they told me unless he was physically assaulting me or broke into my apartment there was nothing they could do.

  7. We use the DOL/BLS Wage Data and also cross reference data from Indeed and Zip Recruiter provide us.

  8. LLC all the way, costs more keeps your personal assets secure as long as you don't "breach the veil" between personal and business expenses out of the business account. Also sole P they can sue you personally for business debts, where in an LLC you can declare bankruptcy and keep your personal out of it. Also, my personal advice is to avoid doing any kind of personal guarantee on anything if you can avoid it.

  9. Just know that having an LLC does not remove personal responsibility for tortious acts. The American Bar Association has stated that a single-member LLC actually offers very little liability protection. It mostly protects you from personal liability in regards to contracts and leases, not "accidents".

  10. Giiirl me too! Marshall’s/Homegoods always have the cutest ones! And they both always manage to deplete my bank account! 😂

  11. Love this! I also have the same basket! It’s currently housing my corn plant 😊

  12. You’re amazing! Thanks! I just so happen to be a fan of good libations, vegan food, and live music. I’m going to be one happy girl on this trip! 😊

  13. The Food Temple is an amazing vegan restraunt in Lisboa. Kinda tough to find in a quiet neighborhood but well worth it... Cafe Alface in barrio alto has live music also. Some college kids play interesting music at Pedra Nova in Porto

  14. It’s called a Leopard Squill! Bought one of these at a flea market 2 yrs ago. They’re very drought tolerant and so pretty when they actually flower.

  15. I lightly water mine 1x a week and spray it everyday. Pothos also love humidity so I keep mine in my bathroom window. Thanks to my morning showers I’ve seen tremendous growth with mine over the past month.

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