A completely Non-Credible ranking of some WWII Tanks that is 100%, objectively true

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  1. Says who? Nato? UN? Fuck those pussies US should go all out in the next wat.

  2. The sheee state of this sub makes it impossible for me to know if you are being serious or not

  3. Those Shermans should be man handling the Tigers NP.

  4. Absolute scum man. Raping a war refugee? Are you fucking kidding me? Cut off their dicks and send them back to the fucking shithole they came from. This is why you don't import millions of uncivilized troglodytes from a third world country. GWOT was a mistake, fuck Bush and Osama.

  5. What a great time to be a physically fit male around an age elgible for military service. I'm sure a large scale armed conflict with a nuclear power won't happen anytime soon! /s

  6. ... I don't get it (the Javelin bit, mostly because I'm poor).

  7. You can reuse the CLU (targeting unit) on a Javelin to shoot multiple missiles. It can also be used as a binocular and IR sensor without a missile. The NLAW on the other hand is a disposable launcher, and can only be used once before it's thrown away, much like an AT-4 or an M72 LAW.

  8. 6 months? So you should be around rank 2-3 by now? It will get worse, repair costs+grinding too fast+not enough SL

  9. Yeah, it gets exponentially worse as you go on. Expect to go negative SL if you can't keep two K/D every match.

  10. Sweden's lore is still WIP but the premise is that the country has become a fascist state looking to restore the Swedish Empire by turning its neighbours into vassal states.

  11. Why is the Panther located below the Tiger 1? I get the transmission memes and shit but didn't the Tiger suffer from exactly the same issues?

  12. The Tiger did suffer from the same issues, but I’d argue the difference is the Tiger performed better in combat and was really good at psyching out the Allies by simply existing.

  13. Wouldn't that be highly crew dependent? The Panther is faster, lighter, and cheaper to produce. It also boasts a higher velocity cannon and better frontal armour than the Tiger. The only thing the Tiger has going for it is better side armor, and a slightly larger diameter gun which carries a slightly larger explosive yield that is useful against enemy infantry. Wouldn't that make the Panther a technically better tank? I do agree with the psychological effects of the Tiger though. It was probably the most feared tank of the war.

  14. And yet you're still here pointlessly trying to argue with me over a Reddit post. Why are you still talking man?

  15. Then word it better. Or provide further context rather than resorting to petty insults and dumb arguments. You're literally wasting my time. I don't give a shit about how their food tastes. Doesn't mean jack shit if they can't deliver them to the front. You could've ended this argument like half an hour ago, but you didn't. And you kept attacking me even if I didn't say anything out of line. Jesus, and I'm the child.

  16. I see some Soviet Era helmets. Did Putin pocket the entire Russian military budget? Bruh moment.

  17. Isn’t that still pretty risky? Couldn’t the bullets till penetrate through the wall?

  18. That concrete wall is like what? 20-30 cms thick? Nothing short of an high velocity Anti-Tank round would even hope to penetrate.

  19. I dont know! I never shot or held a real gun! So no AK is going through that?

  20. Nope. A 7.62x39mm round can barely punch through a 10mm steel plate. It's not gonna go through 200-300mm of concrete.

  21. They take proper distance from the windows to exposing themselves to a minimum angle like pros. Kept their heads down when they’re not aiming/firing. So different than watching some of what comes out of the middle east. (Especially the ISIS fighters) Seen so many gore vids of snipers getting easy kills bc of poor cover use and care

  22. Turns out actual professional soldiers fights better than meth-fueled religious incels who genuinely believes that they will get laid in heaven after death, who would've thought.

  23. that still doesn't give the governement the right to take someones shit because it doesn't like them

  24. Says the Authleft who's sole ideology revolves around the abolishment of private property

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