1. Everyone is saying this but I definitely don’t have it. I looked up the symptoms and I have none of them.

  2. Probably the seroquel. How is that btw? If I’m honest with the docs I’ll get prescribed antipsychotics…. Buuut I’m not trying to end up hospitalized .-.

  3. Seroquel saved my life. I was full blown psychotic for months before my diagnosis.

  4. I’ve never heard of Quetiapine but lithium is one of the oldest, most proven mood stabilizers out there. It’s very effective. As long as you get your blood checked regularly you can stop it before it does any permanent damage.

  5. Oh is Seroquel the brand name for that?

  6. Lol, IQ? Why not just say the wrinkles in his skull prove his genius? Stop buying into a billionaire’s self-mythology.

  7. I wish we could continue arguing but you genuinely don’t know what you’re talking about and that much is very clear. So go on thinking what you want. Cheers.

  8. IQ is not and has never been a good measurement of intelligence. So whether or not Steve Jobs had a high IQ is about as relevant as phrenology which is what I was describing with the skull thing. You also didn’t even back up that he did have a high IQ. He was abusive, narcissistic, and willing to take advantage of people. Those were his only skills.

  9. It took years but eventually this went away. The tiredness I mean. The other stuff you describe never happened to me. Throughout the day I could function because of seroquel.

  10. I’ll rightfully get downvoted for this but I have given so many female comedians a chance, especially with all the recent netflix specials, and they really just aren’t funny. Idk how else to say it.

  11. Google has decades of analytics and linguistics comprehension that Apple does not. That’s really what it comes down to.

  12. While I take it , probably because of the mix with weed makes me really feel numb and dumb as shit I hope I sleep today

  13. Yea I can’t really see seroquel causing psychosis as it’s a very strong antipsychotic.

  14. Everyones brain chemistry is different, I used the get prescribed 400 mg 3 times a day

  15. Yea, I’m currently on 1000mg per day and it’s the only thing keeping me from being psychotic.

  16. You can buy individual songs from iTunes and there are certain DJ apps that integrate with that collection.

  17. Got naked in a car in front of my mom. That or driving drunk and getting into two minor accidents in the span of 30 minutes. Somehow the officer who showed up at the first accident didn’t realize I was drunk and let me go. The second accident I don’t even remember but apparently I fled the scene. Got caught and arrested and charged. Ruined my life for 5 years.

  18. I have both, pretty bad OCD and am married. You just need to find a partner who has patience and loves you for you.

  19. Yeah I was on 550mg for 3 years then reduced to 500mg. I know what you mean, I’ve seen a lot of people on very low dose’s considering the dose range is 300-800 for maintenance or 400-800 for mania. You’re not alone in taking higher amounts, if it works for you then that’s key.

  20. Agreed. The only problem is that I’m getting so many side effects from the seroquel like the rash i mentioned earlier as well as weight gain. So I’d also like to reduce my dose but whenever I try to do that I feel horrible the next day so I’m not sure what to do at this point 😔.

  21. Hmm yeah I would talk to your dr about that, you might be able to take something to help you while you reduce the dose.

  22. Wait, why do you have no insurance? Open enrollment for state-wide insurance is right now. If you have low income or no income you can get on United Healthcare for little to no fee. Where do you live?

  23. Are you chemically bipolar? Have you ever had mri with the intention of studying and properly dissecting brain activity?

  24. Yes. Bipolar mixed. I become completely psychotic but desperately suicidal for months if I do not take my antipsychotics.

  25. What antipsychotics might you be on? Are they all ssri / related compound?

  26. It alerts the person that the next question might be something they don’t want to answer. Rather than spring the real question and potentially make them uncomfortable, you give them an out should they feel they need it.

  27. Overall I have a hard time with this concept. So much fucked up shit happens daily to innocent people that it’s hard to definitively say everything happens for a reason.

  28. I had absolutely horrible akathisia on Latuda, but after switching to Rexulti I've had no issues. It's all about finding an AP that you can tolerate.

  29. Yea. Same on Latuda. It wasn’t horrible per say but every night while trying to fall asleep my body would jolt forward many times. Never knew the cause until recently.

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