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  1. Kevin from HR, it’s time for you to give me my paid vacations from life

  2. I don’t understand why Christian’s feel the need to control everything. Why does it matter if someone on the opposite side of the country, whom you don’t even know exists, has an abortion?? Why do you care to the extent that you do? I understand being saddened for the “sinful state” of the country, of course. But to be so concerned as to celebrate the option being entirely taken away? That is next level nosy. I am pro choice and I could understand leaving it to the states for ELECTIVE abortions only, yeah okay sure. But to outlaw every form?? That is absolutely insane. Any time a fetus is removed from the body, it is reported as an abortion. Doesn’t matter if you wanted the baby or not, that includes miscarriage that calls for a DNC, this includes rape and incest, this includes fetuses with such severe birth defects that they would have zero quality of life, this includes instances when the mothers life is at stake. And yes, I know all states have the exception of if the mothers life is in danger, but how in danger must the mother be?? What degree to death does one have to be before it constitutes a life being in danger in the eyes of the law? So that a doctor and yourself are not facing criminal charges, so that this doctor won’t lose their license. They are going to send you home! This is far deeper than women who simply “opt out” of a pregnancy (and those are actually very few and far between in my experience. And the fact that there are actually people out there who think women use abortion as a means of birth control is laughable), women are going to die because of this. Fully formed people with lives and families and probably other children who need their mothers! It is so sad.

  3. Can someone really be said to have 'heard the gospel' when they've been given absolutely zero evidence that it's true? Like, suppose you have someone of another similar, but different faith come up and say to you, "Hey, here's my gospel. if you dont adhere to it, youll burn forever, FYI. Now that you've heard it you have until you die to not reject it. if you reject it, tough shit, you heard it so you had your chance."

  4. Um, no, but with such serious consequences, I would definitely do my own research.

  5. But you don’t have any actual evidence or good reason to believe that it’s true. Because there isn’t any.

  6. Yes, I would change my religion if their texts had the same reliability as mine.

  7. Nope I check every payslip, Don't wanna get ripped off.

  8. Yep, but until that payslip comes 2 weeks later, you work diligently under a promise.

  9. He forgot to pump :/ fantastic bail, though. At my old local (i just moved and i haven't visited my new local yet) we would commend a fall that good.

  10. I have replaced the photo of me and my fiance with this one as my home screen.

  11. This felt like a real meme. I can relate to this. Never have sex w/ my eyes open unless we're standing cos balance

  12. I just moved into a 2 BR apartment with my gf for $1270/month.... I hope I can make it. If not we're fucked.

  13. That's wild. I have 500sqft 1br/1ba with my fiance for like 1600/mo. And we were thinking $800 a month between the 2 of us was rly nice

  14. Why not just help her? She took 30 mins minimim out her day to seek a resolution, likely caused by your company, and instead of helping you got mad?

  15. Have you ever worked customer service? Some people are just shitty and unaware.

  16. No I havent but ive never had a poor experience with customer service either. I dont think I am special, I feel the agents Ive dealt with were all excellent. None of them got mad once.

  17. A) you're probably a reasonable, non-shitty, non-self-unaware person who doesn't upset people simply be existing, so you think everyone is that way. That isn't true.

  18. Yeah might be just me, but he seemed to develop a slight limp in those last couple steps. Still surprising he got up that quick

  19. Kneepads sometimes make u walk a little funny... I've never ever fallen from that high, but a budding bruise the size of Africa on your hip will make you limp like that, too... And at least that's not "broken"

  20. I'm fucking snorting.... Tiny idiot baby is too tiny and inexperienced to even overcome the perils of a mildly confusing slide.... Thank God they're made of jello or something, hope that baby's okay lmfao..... It seems they're always trying to find new ways to kill themselves haha but we love em anyway

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